Piece of Cake


A 2 Z Challenge, W

Wow we are nearing the end of the challenge! Time flies when you are having fun! Letter for today is W!!

Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor, Allen Covert and Matthew Glave

Robbie (Sandler) works as a professional wedding singer. Then comes his big day! He’s stood up at the alter. His world is turned upside down. The once jovial Robbie finds himself in a dark place. Enter Julia (Barrymore). She’s wanting Robbie’s help in planning her wedding to Glenn (Glave). A male chauvinist unfaithful pig. Reluctantly Robbie helps Julia plan her wedding. Over time he develops feelings for her and it is mutual.

The Wedding Singer has a great cast, great music and a very happy ending!

Food for Thought-That World No Longer Exists

As children we did not see the dangers that surrounded us. Our parents sure did though.

Don’t talk to strangers!

Don’t go near that busy road!

Be home by 11!

Stay away from that boy, he’s nothing but trouble!

The list goes on and on! Are these things that I have said to my daughter? You betcha! The dangers and pitfalls that exist now, existed back then too. That being said, obviously, there are factors that have drastically changed the parenting landscape.

We now have to worry about online dangers. That was not a factor when we were growing up. Now we have cyber bullying, online harassment or stalking and the predators use the internet to scope for prey. You never know who exactly someone is online. A kid might think they’re talking to a 13 year old kid but it very well could be a sexual deviate posing as a kid in order to lure a child into their web.
The population has increased significantly. This will naturally drive crime up! The more people, the more crime. It wasn’t that these things never occurred when we were kids. They certainly did. The crime rate is naturally going to be higher today than years gone by. It’s common sense. But this means more senseless acts, more criminals per capita. As parents, this is naturally a worry. How do we safeguard our kids from such things?

Many kids have just one parent. It isn’t that one parent is incapable of raising a child successfully. It does have far more challenges than a two parent family. It also means kids having to grow up faster.

Kids today are raised with technology at their fingertips. It’s a different time. They socialize online. They do homework online. They play games online. Cellphones, iPads, computers are a necessity in the world today. It is now necessary to encourage youth to go outside to play. It wasn’t when we were growing up. We would have stayed out all night playing ball if our parents had let us.
Yes times have changed. How we parent has had to change also.

Gone, How Far Would You Go?

I have heard of so many cases where a loved one has gone missing. There’s one in particular that has stayed with me through the years.

The disappearance of Heather Teague. She was just a few years younger than me. She was 23 years old when she disappeared. She went to a local beach by the river and was abducted while sunbathing. Evidence led them to Marvin Ray Dill.

Following up on tips, the police went to question Dill. Dill told his wife to vacate their property when they arrived. He then committed suicide. During the Grand Jury against Dill, his widow invoked her Fifth Amendment rights, refusing to answer any questions regarding the disappearance of Heather.

There are a couple other suspects in Heather’s disappearance. One theory was that Dill had one of these men as an accomplice in Heather’s kidnapping.

In 2013, Heather’s Mom filed suit against local, federal and state authorities. Alleging a cover-up. Litigation is still pending in the case.

To this day, her disappearance is unsolved. Foul play is suspected due to circumstances behind her disappearance. She has been legally declared deceased.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do if this was my daughter. Nobody in the tristate area has forgotten about Heather. It is in the news every year. Her Mom keeps fighting for authorities to find the truth. I back her 100% on this. When it comes to our babies, we fight! She couldn’t prevent what happened to Heather. Nobody could. Bad things happen in this world unfortunately. Monsters are real. They are disguised as human beings.

I still say a prayer from time to time that her family gets the answers they seek. I feel like the loss of a child has to be one of the worst pains in this world. No matter what the circumstances. But to not have closure has to be a special kind of hell.

The first link has information about Heather’s disappearance and contact numbers if you have any information.