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Be the Change-Race Baiting

Why do people explain themselves before speaking on Kamala Harris? We already know how it all works right now. If you speak up about anyone on the left, you’re labeled racist. Hell Tucker Carlson mispronounced her name and CNN jumped on that. Oh he is racist -mispronounced Kamala’s name! C’mon. Then Tucker addresses it on his show and took the opportunity and played a video of Joe Biden pronouncing her name exactly as he had.

Stop freaking race baiting. Just stop! You damn career politicians have pinned the people against one another. You sit guarded in your mansions, then speak on things that would never impact you directly. You pull the strings, the networks play the tune and we dance like puppets. I don’t think so. I see you. Clearly.

Politicians and “news” analyst have always spoke on the negatives and positives of candidates. You run for office and that’s just how it is.

This is still America and as long as hate is not driving your content, you should speak freely and not fear persecution for it. If you know your heart, speak your mind.

In closing, if we want to make the world a better place, if we want change-then we start with ourselves. When I started my blog, much of what I wrote about unknowingly was part of healing after my divorce. I never thought I’d end up writing so much about politics. But here I am. That’s my change for myself. To provide information and work to bring together not drive people apart. To speak up for our freedom and Bill of Rights. To speak up for children. To speak up against injustice. To inform. You want change? Be the change.





The Wake

Violence on the streets
Governors and mayors allowed it to be so.
Chaos has taken over.
How much further will this go?

Now they cry out.
Now they supposedly see.
But it seems a bit late.
At least it does to me.

You were given positions of power.
Entrusted with our rights.
But you turned the other cheek,
left us here to fight your fights.

You created this mess.
Those behind bars set free.
Then stand dumbfounded as
they destroy everything, oh yes I do see!

You made this bed we lie in.
You allowed it to come to pass.
Then seek help from those
you previously told to kiss your ass.

Taxpayers flip the bill
for the protection that you use.
Protection for me but not for thee
Your rationale is beyond obtuse!

We see behind your rhetoric
and your words don’t mean a thing.
You set them up to watch them fall
then act surprised by what it did bring.

A tiny little thread
you pulled at it with all your might.
Now you’ll reap just what you sowed
How do you sleep at night?

Using all our concerns at hand
they play us very well.
Evil walks amongst us.
Creating an earthly hell.

I’m tired of seeing the news.
The wicked that men do.
To think so many still don’t understand
it’ll be their undoing too.

When nothing is left to burn.
A ghost town left in the wake.
Do you think destructors
care about the damage that they make?

So here we are,
most no wiser for our wear.
Praying people finally see the
true faces of who got us there.

-LA Vent 2020

Rules to Live By

This popped up in my memories on Fakebook. 😂 I’d have to say some additions must be made. And so I did.

Rules to live by:

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  2. Laugh often.
  3. Tell your friends and family that you love them-
    A LOT!
  4. To thine own self be true.
  5. Give unselfishly.
  6. Pamper yourself from time to time.
  7. Don’t let hateful souls change you. It is their problem, not yours.
  8. Stand up for yourself. Don’t be a doormat but pick your battles!
  9. When you feel you are breaking, cry. Get it out and don’t curl up with misery.
  10. Get a dog or two or three.
  11. Force yourself to smile when you are down.
  12. Surround yourself with those people that make you happy.
  13. Challenge yourself from time to time.
  14. Hugs-give them and get them often.
  15. Believe in yourself.
  16. Don’t allow someone else’s problem to become yours.
  17. Listen, be present.
  18. Act like a kid from time to time. It’s healthy.
  19. Get away!
  20. Accept yourself. Accept the good, the bad and the ugly.

2020 additions-

Speak up against injustice.

Seek truth. Don’t rely on others for it.

Question that which makes no sense.

Fight for what is right but don’t be a right fighter.

Give it to God. All of it. That which troubles you. That which hurts you. Do not forget to thank him when you count those blessings. Give him everything. Your troubles and your blessings.

With that, I’m taking the weekend off from my blog. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Morning comes, the sunlight’s warm embrace.

Though I do pray the world is a better place.

These thoughts like a plague encompassing me.

Hopeful each person can finally see.

It starts at home the peace we need.

Be the change and plant that seed.

So now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray to God as I weep.

Make this world a safer place.

Save us with your love and grace.

-LA Vent 8-3-20

The Horror of Marc Dutroux

The attached article speaks to the horrors committed by a monster named Marc Dutroux. Hard to believe such monsters exist. But they do. Remember the post I did about Berlin authorities little experiment? The “experiment” was placing homeless children with pedophiles. It was known as the Kentler Project. It began in 1970 and went on over 30 years.

Yes devils do exist and some have enormous power.


Berlin Authorities Placed Homeless Children with Pedophiles for over Thirty Years; the Kentler Project

Sir Nicholas Winton, Holocaust Hero

One day while Mr. Winton’s wife was rummaging through some boxes, she found a notebook kept by her husband. Inside this notebook was the names of Jewish children he had saved during the Holocaust.

His deeds went unnoticed for decades as he kept this to himself. It turned out he saved 669 children from an unspeakable fate.

He risked his life to do what needed to be done. Doing what’s right sounds so easy. But I guess if it was, then there’d be a lot more Nicolas Wintons.

Mr. Winton passed several years back. Before his death he was reunited with those children he saved. This undoubtedly was the only reward he needed for his bravery. That’s a true hero.

Visualize then Actualize

Change is never easy. Even if it is for the better. What I’m seeing across the board is not for the better, it’s for political gain.

How’d we get here? We are well on our way to becoming the Communist USA. I want to ask a question. I want everyone to really think about it. What do you want our country to be? Sounds like a simple enough question. But it’s a bit more complicated than one might think.

Let’s face it, there’s many events playing out before us. Let’s talk a bit about some current issues.


Everyone was impacted by the murder of George Floyd. Everyone, including police officers were in agreement that what took place never should have happened. Then everything turned. I understand when people are upset they need to be able to get that anger out. The police became the natural target. But would things have gotten to where they are now without the help of the media, some power hungry billionaires and politicians? I don’t think so. Its an election year. Remember, never waste a crisis!

They didn’t. At what cost? Do you think these power hungry monsters care about all the lives lost in the process? Not at all. Expendable assets are what we are to them. Pawns in a game where only the “in” crowd stands to win.

Officers forced to stand down while criminals push them, hit them, throw objects at them, stab them, attack law abiding citizens. Look at the state of some of these cities now. They are torn apart with millions of dollars in damage. Businesses that barely survived shutdowns, given the extra burden of trying to thrive amongst Covid19, mayhem in their area, looting, violence, and possible even the threat of being shut down again or already shut down. Please don’t throw the argument, it’s just a business, what’s a business compared to someone’s life? I’ll tell you. What do you think will happen to many people if they lose everything? Depression? Suicide? It could happen. So it is not just a business. Especially when many businesses did not survive the first shut down. That’s a lot of jobs lost and unemployment is at an all time high.

I digress. The public is being forced to hate the police. Forced? Yes, forced. If you stand up for our police, you are belittled, and some have even been terrorized. It’s funny though, many of these elected officials pushing just this and calling to defund or disband the police; use officers to guard them. Hypocrisy at its finest folks! Protection for me but not for thee!


Oh the bottom feeding parasites are enjoying this. Ratings ratings ratings! Plus let’s speak truth, lies lies lies! They’re feeding the public their skewed version of stories and keeping everyone in fear. Most buy into it and continue to watch for fear they’ll miss something. In case you have not figured this out yet-LIARS!

Communist Political Officials

Oh yes, they’re here. Been here. They hate America so much that they will do anything to change us. You know the funny part about this, most of them won’t make the cut in the new regime if they take over. They are puppets. So, they play their part and allow destruction to rain down on their districts. On people they swore to protect. It’s not too hard to spot them. A lot of them anyways. There’s a lot of corruption in politics. From both sides.

The Plague

Crazy that Covid19 came about in an election year. Coincidence? I do not put anything past some of these politicians and their behind the scene billionaire buddies anymore. Why are hospitals being forced to list all deaths as Covid19? How could the CDC screw up test results and Antibody results? Why release inmates to slow the spread but lock up people for opening their businesses? Fear!!! Control! Indoctrination! Chaos!!


Somewhere, somehow our younger generations have been indoctrinated. Look at our streets right now. Fighting to turn us into a Communist society. Why would they believe communism would be a better alternative to freedom? We need to take a closer look at what is being taught in schools and universities. I’m hearing some alarming trends of free thinking professors being fired. Is this what we want? To send our kids to school to learn to follow and not lead? To allow someone to tell them what and how to think?

So, what do I want our country to be? I asked and I answer. Not this. I want us to remain a free country. The issues we have can be worked on. That’s the great thing about America. We are free to talk about issues and work towards betterment of our nation and for our people. Let’s get these officials out of office that hate America. Research all candidates before voting. If you find someone that you know stands for America first, share the information!! It’s time that we the people stand up across the board and free ourselves from these parasites. Clean house! That’s gotta be our priority. Next, we take back our schools. We become active in what is being taught and work to improve the system. If we want to remain a free country then we must work together to stop the indoctrination of our youth. You want to boycott something? How about the news? I have. I won’t contribute towards their wickedness any longer. You want better policing? Pay them what they deserve. Do not defund them. The bad apples have got to go! That’s for certain. But to make sure officers don’t suffer burn out, provide them with resources they need. Stand by them and support them. We don’t have to walk in their shoes. Let’s make sure they have what they need so that their mental health does not deteriorate. As far as the plague-it will go away after the election.

America the free. That’s what I want for our country. Free to choose, to think for ourselves, free to speak out, free to vote for who we want without being bullied. Freedom. Let it ring! If you want something. Visualize it. Then work to Actualize it.