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The Powers that Be

I struggle every election. Why? Honestly I feel that we are given really bad options and asked to pick the lessor of the evils. I am not a fan of Trump. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton either. I have posted before on my views in regards to Trump. I’ve not said much about Hillary. Let’s just say there are many things in this world I trust more than I do that woman. Including gas station sushi. But I digress.

I love my country. I am an American. What makes our country great is its citizens not our political leaders. The system is and has been corrupt a long time. We know this. There’s nothing we can really do about it. The only thing we can do is look at the candidates and remember how things truly are then make a choice. Once elected, the said individual may follow through with some campaign promises. Don’t kid yourself about how some of these things are accomplished. It’s a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back” system.

Not everyone our politicians associate with are pristine. There are many corporations in the back pockets of our politicians. To think otherwise is quite naive. Without further ado, here are some quotes about power.

The Missing

Becky and Paula had an excellent idea, share information on missing kids/people. Reality is some of these kids have been missing so long, if they’re still alive they’re adults now. We might not be able to shut down human trafficking but we sure can share information about the missing.

Be on the lookout!! I don’t know if it will result in any missing people being found. But doing nothing definitely won’t.