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Food for Thought-If You Think You’re not Next-You’re a Fool

If you think it is funny to see people being censored with opposing views-you don’t understand the bill of rights.

If you think it is okay for conservatives to be silenced because of their political views-you don’t care about freedom of speech.

If you think once all conservatives are silenced, that you’re not next-you’re a fool.

Stay thirsty my friends!

Twenty-five Conspiracy Theories Proven to be True

Crazy times means crazy theories. Or are they? There’s a lot of past conspiracy theories that have been proven to be true. Just something to think about.

Remember the conspiracy theory about priest molesting boys? Proven!

Poisoning of booze during prohibition? Proven!

I’m not saying that some theories are not way out there. There’s plenty. But there’s some that seem to fall more within critical thinking than conspiracy theory. For example the assassination of JFK. If you follow my blog, you already know how I feel about that one.

25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

CCP’s Influence on Hollywood

The NBA, Hollywood and I’m sure it doesn’t stop there. What? CCP across border censorship and control.

But how can they tell studios or NBA what to do? Money! Billions and billions of dollars flow in from China broadcasting NBA and allowing movies into their market. A very lucrative marriage.

Here’s the rub. You scratch our back, we will scratch yours. Politics pretty much. China pulled the rug right from under the NBA in 2019. It all was due to a tweet. Daryl Money, the Houston Rockets manager tweeted support for Hong Kong government protestors. Ooh bad idea! But wait, he was in the U.S. when he tweeted this. Freedom of speech! That’s not how the CCP saw it. A couple of minor league games that were to be played in China were cancelled, China merchants no longer selling Rockets memorabilia, a sport’s news site stopped covering the team. When you lose 500 million viewers, you lose a lot of money.

As for Hollywood, China is dictating rules for movie studios. Such as certain things cannot be in the movie that offends them. In a Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise had a jacket with the Taiwanese flag on it. Well, that had to go. They’re also forcing some studios to film so many days in China. There’s also a little bit of propaganda added to these films. Of course there is!

It’s no secret that President Trump is working to divorce China. To make America more self dependent. In a video I included, Chris Fenton, a major Hollywood film executive agrees that this marriage must end. He realizes that a free market does not mean freedom. Obviously! If you’re paying attention, you see that communism is slowly taking over the U.S., and gaining speed.

Money is the root to all evil. How much does one man really need? Don’t get me wrong, making money is nice but at what cost? What are you willing to give up for money? Freedom? That’s the end game.


A Hollywood Ending for the Coming U.S.-China Divorce

Who was Udo Ulfkotte? Why You Should Care.

Silenced by a heart attack? Maybe. But whistle blowers of the elite seem to drop like flies once they speak up.

So why is his name making it’s rounds once again? He’s been gone three years. Well, he exposed the CIA and the influence they have on news stories.

Fake media. I know, but your news channel is different. No it is not. Our media is riddled with corruption. Have you ever sat and watched the same news story on competing channels? I have. It’s eye opening. This man has told us why.

Are we forgetting that there are four corporations-only four that own all media. Are we forgetting the billionaires that have special interests in these corporations?

We the people are united if we stand together. But we aren’t standing together. Why is that? Why did we all come together and then it fell apart and just got worse as time went on? Because nations are easier to conquer if divided.


Frederick Douglas Statue Tore Down on 168th Anniversary of his Famous Speech Given in Rochester New York

The Rochester police are seeking information on those responsible for destroying a statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglas. The statue has been taken in for repairs.

I’ve included a link so you can read his speech. A truly amazing speech. A must read. FrederickDouglas, one of our nation’s finest men.

I’m at a loss for words. I’m just disgusted by the acts I’m seeing these days. I’m at a loss. Stepping away for a couple days to focus on things that make my heart smile.



What’s Troubling You?

What’s troubling you?

Where do I begin? The world is in trouble. There’s so much happening. Senseless death. Labels being given to groups of people judged by their worst. So much hate.

People are angry. People are buying into separation and that they can only believe one thing. Not that many truths can exist.

What do we do? What can we do? I’m tired. I see the whole picture and have tried to make others see.

What bothers you, that people don’t think like you or that people aren’t as upset by events happening?

I have always respected differences of opinion. What I can’t understand is how people cannot see hate exists in many people and groups.

I’m sure many do see it. But some can’t wrap their heads around everything happening. All while avoiding truth.

What’s the truth?

You know the truth. You spoke about it earlier.

Hate, breeds hate. People are not looking at others as human beings or judging others based on their character. People are being judged by the worst.


What is it?

Everyone seemed to come together after George Floyd was murdered. Then separation happened. Everything was under attack. Including freedom of speech. Liberty is under attack. People don’t agree on certain things happening or with what an organization stands for and they’re accused of hate.

Your point?

We aren’t attacking issues anymore. It became statues, songs, flags and even people. Politicians using these events for votes. Playing to mobs of people that destroy property, loot, riot and some have or are committing murder.

What do you think all this violence and unlawfulness has done?

Divided humans even more. No one is listening to anyone anymore. People are angry. So angry. But even worse people are scared. More than ever. I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do.

You’re speaking up. You spoke up against police brutality and reform. You spoke up against defunding police . You spoke up against hate. You spoke up on freedom of speech. You spoke up on equality. You spoke up against Marxism and what it means. People may hear you but again as you said people are scared and people are angry.

Yes very angry.

Something else…..


You’re angry.

I am. Right is wrong and wrong is right. People are not supposed to protect theirselves. If you stand up for yourself you are the problem, no matter if it was justified. It’s insanity! But media only shows you what they want you to see and spin stories to suit their own political affiliations. It angers me. I can’t follow news anymore. I’ve caught them in so many lies. While ignoring truth. And people buy into it.

Yes they do.

So what’s the answer?

God. Give it to God. Continue speaking truth. Don’t be silent. It goes against what you believe. Silence is like a slow death for you. But let go of that anger. Give it to God. No one can take away the love you have inside. No one can separate you from God. Only you.

Little by Little, Bit by Bit, the Killing of Liberty

David Knight covers it pretty nicely in this video.

Just some facts:

Several businesses did not survive shut downs.

Prior to shut downs the economy was booming.

Facebook began shutting down anything that went against what the WHO and Fauci had to say about virus.

News media reports what they want you to hear. Altering, or completely omitting information that changes the narrative.

Censorship is full steam ahead.

We are forced to lockdown and to hell with our liberties while prisoners were set free.

Whistleblowers are coming forward saying testing is happening no matter what you’re being seen for.

The CDC (privately owned) admitted to mixing tests that show antibodies and one showing you have virus.

Whistleblowers coming forward that if you test positive, you’re tested daily until negative and each test for one person is counted.

Fauci was all over speaking about the fact that blacks are disproportionately killed by this virus yet remained quiet during protests.

New information shows doctors are showing that hydroxychloroquine is being widely used with success at treating Corona.

Many believe we are being trained. I agree. To follow orders and forget about our freedom. The left encouraged protests but scream when Trump holds rallies.

Andrew Cuomo put infected patients in nursing homes when he had USNS Comfort sitting empty.

Chaz was allowed to take over and mayor called it the Summer of Love. Until BLM protestors showed up on her doorstep. She didn’t care after first shooting and group did not allow help in for shooting victim.

Are we getting the picture?

Biden doesn’t know his own zipcode. Why was he the choice for the Democrats? Maybe they need someone they can control. I am living my life and to hell with everyone screaming at being irresponsible. We are being played and conditioned to make way for the death of liberty to make way for Communism. Marxism is the idea or dream of Communism.

Our children have been indoctrinated in school. We are being indoctrinated by the media. Enough! It is your wake up call. I don’t watch the news. I don’t trust them. Except Tucker Carlson. He is a straight shooter. I seek information.

So we have a choice, live and speak up refusing to allow the death of freedom or continue to follow blindly to the death of the USA.

Does anyone believe that the rioting or looting really helps to bring about positive change? It doesn’t. It’s front and center. Does anyone believe disbanding police forces will decrease crime rates? Does anyone really believe that a group that are professed Marxists and celebrate Assata Shakur (cop killer) as a hero really want unity?

What is sad is we came together all wanting to make change for the better. That wasn’t part of the plan. Separate and destroy. If you don’t do what we say or say anything that opposes the narrative of the left, you’re racist.

Why are people scared of this word? Should you be? Then that’s something you need to look at. If you’re not, then breathe the free air! The thing about freedom, it isn’t free. Many died for it. Many still suffer consequences from living through war. They fought for our freedom. So many don’t care. They’d step on their bones to advance hate. I care. I care about all of you. Even those who are rallying against freedom while saying you are fighting for it. Because you don’t know what you’re asking for. I pray we come out of this still a free nation.


The Story of Turtle, the First Submarine used in Warfare, 1776

Turtle was created for the sole mission of sinking British ships in New York Harbor during the Revolutionary War. On September 7, 1776, Turtle’s first mission was to attach a bomb to the hull of Eagle, a British flagship. The mission was a failure.

Turtle was not the first submarine made. Inventor Cornelius van Drebel built the first in the 17th century. Fast forward 150 years and Turtle would become the first submarine used during war.

The operator of Turtle never successfully attached a bomb to any ship. Doing so proved to be trickier than expected. The inventor, David Bushnell nonetheless was given commission as an Army engineer by General George Washington. His creation of drifting mines proved successful in the sinking of one British ship and proved problematic for others. Turtle was lost forever when British destroyed and sunk American sloop transporting it.

Bushnell’s Turtle was the first submersible to use water for submerging and rising the submarine. It was the first time a propeller was used as well as a breathing apparatus. None of the missions were successful but Turtle was seen as revolutionary. It was a first step for our military to build upon in the future. Which in that right made it a success.



The 1619 Project Coming to a School Near You, Can Bob Woodson’s 1776 Project Counter It?

I think parents better start educating theirselves and quick. This is not what we want taught in our schools.

Excellent points made about 1619 Project. There’s a push for this to be taught in schools. Do we want to teach kids to hate our country by teaching all whites are bad and racists? Or do we want real historians to work together to form a new and accurate history syllabus to educate our youth? Covering everything. The good, the bad and the ugly.

We need to look at what is currently being taught in schools. From what I have read American history isn’t being taught. Some have commented that discussing slavery is very difficult. Others have said it’s a waste of time as kids are not tested on history.

We have a real problem here obviously. When youth are promoting Marxism and Socialism. If history is not being taught, where is this coming from?

I think it is time for an overhaul of our educational systems.


Enough of this Madness! Right is Right and Wrong is STILL Wrong!

People better start standing up for theirselves. These business owners did nothing wrong. They have the right to remove these signs. This young man is what I call a shit stirrer. He’s going to label these people racist and try to destroy them. Why?

Who made him the law? Well, I’ll tell you who. Our weak kneed politicians. That’s who!

Let me see if I’m understanding this. The cause originally was to call for police reform. Then it was defunding. Now in some areas it is disbanding. The politicians are catering to the mob and screwing law abiding citizens. They’ve given the mob power. Hmm…isn’t it funny how we heard that some individuals do not belong in positions of power such as the police force. But look at what happened when some of these individuals have been given power? Abuse of power is abuse of power. This isn’t about a cause. It’s about power. Mobs have been allowed to do whatever they want. Without repercussions. Law abiding citizens are paying the price for things they weren’t involved in.

I was watching the news the other night. The story was about the couple who came out and met the mob in their yard locked and loaded. Mind you the mob kicked in their gate. They were trespassing. You know what the local prosecutor said? She was considering filing charges against the couple. For what? For protecting theirselves!

Apparently right is wrong and wrong is right these days. We are being called racist if we dare speak up. I’m unafraid. I will speak up. Because right is right and wrong is still wrong.

Rambling on Just Thinking Out Loud

I saw a video yesterday that just turned my stomach. It confirms to me that there are so many people out there suffering from hate. Period. It’s not just any one group either.

This video is being shared on social media in hopes that this man is found and arrested. Yes, it’s that bad. It stayed with me the entire day.

But I saw some videos that reminded me of people who have love in their hearts. People that do not care about the color of someone’s skin. They do not care about their profession. They do not care about their political views. They have love in their heart. They want what is best for everyone. They stand up against mobs for what is right or to protect another.

Though I feel it is important to be aware of what is happening around us, sometimes we gotta refocus. Seek out that which is good about humanity. It’s very hard to do these days. People are naturally on the defensive in regards to many issues.

I have to step away. I can’t always give attention to the news or commentary left on articles. I step away and have to let it go. For my own peace of mind.

It’s so easy to let the negative penetrate. It’s not healthy and it promotes negative feelings. It is so hard to step away from some of what we are seeing. It’s also hard to believe so much hate and evil really walks among us. Here’s how I’m trying to look at it. There’s good and there’s bad. When it gets too much, walk away. Find those feel good stories or get away from the news or social media all together. Get lost in your own little world. Your own little piece of paradise. Enjoy your gardens. Your family. Play with your dog. Work a puzzle. Watch a comedy. But please don’t let the ugly out there penetrate and stay. We need good people with common sense in this world.

Many blessings!

Three Members of Minneapolis City Counsel that voted to Abolish Police Department are using Tax Payers’ Money for Personal Security

I feel sorry for the law abiding citizens in these areas that are abolishing police forces. This does not heal the community. It’s a knee jerk reaction that will have long term consequences.

Have you not seen what has happened to other communities that have done this? Surely criminals including the mob running the city is not what you want. That is what is happening now and it will fester and spread.

But I guess as long as you have tax payers’ money at your disposal, you’ll be okay. You’ve got protection. For now. Once you’re voted out, you’re back to being an ordinary Joe. May the odds be ever in your favor.


The Emancipation Statue is Under Fire

The Emancipation statue of President Lincoln and a former slave is under fire. A statue that some perceive as racist. Why? The argument is a slave is on his knees before Lincoln. It represents that he’s beneath Lincoln.

Not true. This is the last slave, shackles broken, rising from his knees to freedom. This particular statue was paid for by black Americans. The inscription reads, A race set free and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors.”

President Lincoln, my favorite president. He stood up against many to do what was right. He rid America of the abomination that was slavery.

He was assassinated because John Wilkes Booth (both an actor and a spy for the Confederate) was outraged that Lincoln seriously backed the voting rights of black Americans. After attending a speech on April 11, 1865, Wilkes began to implement his plan to assassinate Lincoln.

Do you know what I found when looking for dates on this topic? People saying that Booth wanted Lincoln dead because he was not going to end slavery. I gotta wonder, what is being taught in history classes today? I weep for our youth. As parents, it is our responsibility to set the record straight. To teach our children truth. Lincoln was the greatest president ever. Our youth lacks knowledge. If we erase history, we are forever lost.

Covid 19 Exposure Logging on Smart Phones -What You Need to Know

Imagine my surprise to find this on my phone. The app must be installed in order for it to work. But it’s a feature that was added unbeknownst to me.

Apple and Google partnered together using Bluetooth technology to help “governments” and health agencies reduce the spread of Covid. I call bullshit.

I had a friend inform me of this. Sure enough there it is! The good news is you have to install the app for it to work. As of RIGHT NOW it is not mandatory. Let me say that again….as of RIGHT NOW it is not mandatory. Everyone remember the proposed HR6666 bill? I do. I don’t trust this in the slightest.

If you install this app, it could gain access to contacts on your phone. According to this article there’s NO credible Covid19 tracing app right now. Interesting.

How I found it on my phone:

Settings>Privacy>Health>Covid-19 Exposure Logging