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The Adventures of Clifford-He’s a Work in Progress but So am I

It’s been a busy day for us! We’ve played in the snow, cooked some great food, he’s been scolded and corrected, been cuddled, we have taken cat naps and he learned to sit and stay while I sweep and mop without attacking the broom or mop. Reward system. Very food motivated! He wanted his for canines peanut butter cookie!

The Adventures of Clifford-Cone Free and Fancy Free!

Clifford managed to get his cone off one day early. He made sure it was not usable. Luckily his incision has healed nicely. He has been busy cleaning all the body parts he has not been able to reach for 2 weeks. He’s also enjoying getting to run and play again. ❤️

My dogzilla is now 5 months old. I now suffer anxiety about socks. Lord please protect this boy from himself!

The Adventures of Clifford-Cone and Restrictions Come off Saturday, Calgon Take Me Away!

Living with a rambunctious puppy that is restricted from play is like living with a toddler with claws and teeth. Imagine trying to stop that toddler from getting into things. From playing. From running. He doesn’t understand. He just knows I’m stopping him from using his boundless amounts of energy. Therefore in those moments I am the enemy.

Come Saturday my little man is getting a major walk in and some serious play time! C’mon Saturday!

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, I had a complete thyroidectomy. The cancer diagnosis was confirmed and had spread into lymph nodes. This was one of the hardest times in my life. For many reasons.
The surgery was painful but the RAI treatment was hell. Especially the process. Being without any thyroid hormone was not something I was prepared for. They don’t tell you the impact being without hormone will have. I was having trouble in my personal life, I had gained a lot of weight, I felt more fatigue than I had ever experienced. It was a bad time. Then the treatment. Isolated, chemically imbalanced and sick. Very sick.
Everyone’s cancer experience is different. This is just a glimpse of mine. Reflecting back on it and I don’t know some days how I made it through with how absolutely horrible I felt. But I did. I’m here.
If you’re battling cancer, take it minute by minute. Because taking it day by day is too much. Remember cancer may have started the fight but you will finish it! Believe it and kick cancer’s ass!
Much love!

The Adventures of Laura and Clifford-Spoke Too Soon!

He was being such a good boy. Then….

Now a nap!

He’s graduated to water and decided to pee on the air mattress. I retrieve cleaner from garage and the storage bin filled with glasses crashes to the floor. Not my week! I get laundry started, mattress cleaned up and my floors cleaned from him tracking his pee prints everywhere. Then time to vacuum and remake the air mattress and fill it up with more air. He had to supervise. It’s been a hell of a morning. On a happier note, I now have groceries! Yaaah!

The Adventures of Laura and Clifford-Pass the Trazodone

Clifford seems to be doing well. Hopefully those inner stitches are holding. He’s his own worst enemy. I’m writing this while he slowly heads off to the dream realm. It’s been a hell of a day. It started off with Clifford chewing off a piece of his pee pad. I was taking a minute to myself to pee. Heaven forbid! I caught him just in time. I had to shove my hand into the back of his mouth and fetch the piece of pee pad that he was about to swallow. If this was the only thing that happened today, that would have been enough! Oh no! Let’s see how much more Laura can take.

Clifford began playing and could not get him to calm down. I put a call into the vet and he agreed he needs three doses of Trazodone. Thank God. So at his afternoon feeding, he got his second dose as he was wanting to play as puppies do. He can’t do that yet. He needs time for his wounds to heal. I head over to the dishwasher and start putting away the clean dishes when crash! My kitchen shelf fell and glass went everywhere! Luckily Clifford retreated to the living room. I grabbed the baby gate and closed him off from the kitchen. I had just unloaded one load of dishes and now the contents of cabinet needed washing. I had already cleaned and changed sheets on air mattress where we are hanging during his recovery. I had already cleaned the kitchen floor. I guess I should be grateful as I was barefoot and did not cut my feet. My hands are another story.

So, Clifford is hanging out on air mattress and I clean as thoroughly and quickly as possible. I guess he felt we were apart long enough. He tried to topple himself over the baby gate. My heart has aged 20 years from that! In the crate he went! For his own protection.

I’ve had enough todaying for today! So Clifford gets three doses of Trazodone a day now. I’m calling the vet back and ask how many doses I can take! Jesus take the wheel!

The sock eating, pee pad eating, rock eating, stick eating, gate hurling, bionic (please God) puppy now sleeps.