My Second Set of Squatters are Growing

Yes, we get the last nest down and within a day, another Robin family built another. In the exact same location. Those babies will be pushed out of that nest before too long.



Why? Everyone had faced something in their life that has made them ask this. Why, has to be the most asked question. I only have this. My faith. I don’t think we are meant to know the answer sometimes. At least not until we meet our maker. That’s when all will be revealed. He has a plan. For each of us.

Until that day comes, we will continue to ask, why?

Have some Self Respect

I just went on a rant on my Instagram.

I’m at a loss at some of what I see women showing on here. I have no issue with women showing their beautiful figures they work hard for. Go girl! Bikini pics-cool! Cleavage-been there! Cool! The human body is a beautiful thing. But some of ya’ll have absolutely no self respect whatsoever. Do you think the more men you have following you equates to love? Do you think these men respect you for showing your cooter? They do not. You are an object. Period. Wise the hell up. Damn. Food for thought-Leave something to the imagination.