What if you had to put a puzzle together without a picture, would you be able to? It would take a bit longer but it can be done.

Now what if 1/2 of the puzzle’s picture was torn from the box? A bit easier than no picture at all. You can get a pretty good idea what it should look like as a whole by looking at what is in front of you. You would think so anyway.

Then you start to piece the puzzle together. Working outside in. Things start coming together. The picture is looking mostly the way you envisioned it would. Mostly. You continue, one piece then the next. Piece by piece. The final puzzle piece. Finally! You place it triumphantly in its place. But something is off.

You stand back and look at the complete picture. That one piece changed the entire picture. It changed everything you thought you were looking at. Everything. It’s funny how that happens.

One thought on “Puzzles”

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