Trading Places

I remember thinking my parents were so square when I was a kid. I thought my Mom was overprotective and my Dad clueless. I mean seriously, what could they know about anything? They were ignorant. Ha! I do believe I had that backwards.

My Mom had little gems of wisdom for every situation. Some I thought were amusing and others seemed more like harping to me. I vowed that I would never utter some of the wisdoms spewed by my Mom. Never!

It’s funny how things change. You grow up and become a parent. There was no way you could have ever known that you could love another human being as much as you love your child. There’s nothing like that love in this world. As your child grows they begin to venture out on their own. In little ways at first. Their first steps-you worry about the surroundings as you don’t want them to hurt themselves. Their first day of school-knowing they are going to hate it. You know they will have the hardest time leaving your side. It’s more likely that it was you that had separation anxiety. I know I did. Their injuries-doing something you warned them not to do. Their first heartache. How your heart hurt for them. The first time they drove a car. That imaginary brake and steering wheel that your Mom always used flashed before you. Don’t lie.

Yes everything changes. You find yourself doing everything you can to protect your child. There are some things that you have to let them learn on their own but there are other instances where you had to intervene. That’s when it happens. You utter the words that you swore you never would. But you don’t cringe when you hear them as you did when you were a kid. No, you understand now exactly what your parents were saying. You understand it perfectly.

I don’t know about you but I remember calling my Mom and apologizing. She wasn’t stupid or ignorant. She knew what she was talking about because she had lived and learned these lessons herself. She wasn’t psychic when she warned you about certain people and boom it always came to pass. No she wasn’t psychic, she was wise. She could see what you couldn’t at that time. It’s wisdom that we are not born with but comes to us through experience.

So here’s one my Mom uttered regularly:

“How did someone as dumb as me have such brilliant children?” I too have uttered these very words. Thanks Mom! My heartfelt apologies once more.

Here’s to all the little gems of wisdom!

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