I have stumbled. I am positive I will again. I have failed and I have succeeded. I have forgiven myself. I have forgiven others. I believe in love, goodness and empathy.

I believe that laughter cleanses the soul. I have known pain and I have known joy. I have experienced kindness and I have experienced betrayal.

I have seen fear, experienced fear and even been paralyzed by fear. I have fought back, stood my ground, walked away.

I strive for peace, long for knowledge and reject hate.

Love is a blessing. Tolerance a challenge.

Communication is essential. Love opens doors. Hatred closes minds and it consumes.

Time heals but not the way we want. Nor does time wait for anyone. But time is a teacher.

So what’s the lesson?

I am. I am original. I am a sinner. I am imperfect. I am no better than anyone but I am no less either. I live, I stumble, I learn, I grow.

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