The Adventures of Laura-You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

5beec41a-9a1d-4059-912b-ea8c16c97e0e-3564-000002e725b86cabOne from the archives-

Last night a group of us decided to go see a movie. I purchase a cola icee and a medium popcorn and then we head into the theater and find our seats. I place my icee in the cup holder, turn and lay my purse down and proceed to sit down unaware that my icee had fallen out of the drink holder and into my seat. Let me tell ya, I jumped up so fast! One large icee to the ass! That’s likely where it would have gone anyways. But I digress. Needless to say I was so startled that I forgot all about my popcorn when I jumped and it flew everywhere. Everywhere!

Clean up on aisle 5!

This was not how I thought my night would go. I had to wear my icee the entire movie, we had to move as popcorn littered the aisle BUT I did have material for another “the Adventures of Laura” story. Sometimes it should be entitled -the Misadventures of Laura. Exhibit A!

I swear you can’t take me anywhere. I was cold, sticky and sweet, from my ass to my feet. Literally! Oh it’s a gift! I got skills!

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