We Live, We Learn

This is dedicated to a very dear friend.

Have you ever beat yourself up over a person that you allowed into your life? Maybe you found out that they are not the person that they pretended to be. It reminds me of something my mother always said. “If you judge people by your heart, you will get hurt.”

You should never beat yourself up for having a loving heart. For wanting to see the good in people. However, I believe there are times where we let our hearts lead the way and ignore what our heads are trying to tell us. This doesn’t make you stupid. Foolish maybe but not stupid. You are human. We want to believe in people. We want to believe that people are like us.

As we get older, these lessons will teach you to pay attention to the red flags. To pay closer attention to the actions of someone and less to their words. You just need to be very honest with what you are seeing in someone. Take those rose-colored glasses off!

You reach a point that people have to prove they are worthy of your time. Period. Your time is precious and so is your heart. I think once you have suffered enough losses you become cautious as to who you allow into your little world. That’s okay! You should be cautious. Experience is a hell of a teacher!

We live, we learn.

5 thoughts on “We Live, We Learn”

  1. You shouldn’t. Just got to remember most people fall into one of two categories. Givers. Takers. Givers usually get taken advantage of. Takers sometimes need to be called out. Most are good people but they don’t stop to think how their actions impact others.

    1. I didn’t see this comment. You’re absolutely right! I’m a giver. And it’s funny to listen to some women talk about how cruel men are. Women do the exact same things! I’ve witnessed it several times! In both relationships and friendships.

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