I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

A blast from the past (2012)-

My daughter and I went through the drive-thru at a local ice cream shop. My daughter ordered a kiddie cone and don’t forget the gummy worm and I got a sugar cone with a double scoop of peppermint stick. The young man hands us our ice cream and closes the window and hurries away.

I was really looking forward to that peppermint stick ice cream. Imagine my surprise when I take a bite and it’s pumpkin. “Ewwww, yuck….and I yell out DUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

No response, so I tap on the drive-thru window and still no response. So I yell out once more-“DUUUUDE!!!!” Another tap, then another tap; finally a young lady comes to check to see what my problem is. Finally! She heads off to fix my peppermint stick cone and leaves the window open.

A mother is standing there with her two constipated children just staring at us. I guess they could hear us as Kristine is imitating me when I was trying to get their attention. “Duuuuuude!!!!” So we are giggling like children and when we turn to look in, these two little girls are giving us major stank eye, which made us laugh even harder. Lighten up Francis!

I love laughter. Especially those deep belly laughs that leave you struggling to catch your breath. Yes, it’s better than ice cream!

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