One Bitch! Coming up!

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A short humorous embellished tale-

(Set the scene-It was a beautiful Spring day. I am outside at our vet’s office, waiting our turn with my handsome Chocolate Lab, Tug. My eighty-five pound Lab. My out of control eighty-five pound Lab that loves everybody and every creature on the planet and will pull your arm off to go see every last one of these marvelous creatures….whew!)

Oh Lord, call us already. Every damn dog that walks by, Tug is flipping his shit. He’s gonna kill me.

Kisses and butt sniffs galore! (Thank God people don’t greet each other like dogs)

Oh pleeease don’t let him see the poodle. Don’t see the poodle. He sees the poodle. Well shit!

Oh he’s gonna dislocate my shoulder! Oh he’s losing his mind! Oh he’s in loooove!

Did he just pop a breath mint?

Wait! Where’s that music coming from? (Bow chicka wow wow)

Here she comes! Here she comes!

She just kept walking. Oh no she didn’t! She wouldn’t even look at him! Well la dee da! I guess she thinks she is too good for him.


My poor baby. Then to add insult to injury, he still had to get his shots.

He learned a very valuable lesson that day. Poodles are just too high maintenance! No more bitches!

4 thoughts on “One Bitch! Coming up!”

      1. I agree though.. I’m so glad we don’t meet each other like dogs… I don’t like people within 3 feet of me… some people I want further than that…