Do Unto Others?

Do you treat people that have hurt you better than they have treated you? Or do you treat them as they have treated you?

If you treat someone badly to mirror their treatment of you-what are you getting out of it? Are you trying to teach empathy or are you trying to inflict the same wound that was inflicted upon you?

I have news for you. If someone cannot put themselves in your shoes then there is a bigger problem. If you think you are teaching them anything-think again.

Now if you want to inflict pain on them because they hurt you; then you are seeking vengeance. That’s just empty.

Whatever the act, how are you going to heal by keeping score? The best bet is to be the better person. It doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the actions of the other person. It just means you choose not to retaliate. You can speak up, stand up all while being respectful and then move on. That’s where healing starts.

Many blessings!

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