11 thoughts on “Motions”

      1. I completely understand! I thought I had got over it… I hadn’t wrote a poem since high school… but since I’ve been blogging, I really thank the Lord I have picked it back up. My blog is littered with them if you ever get bored and curious… but yes, I also have to feel something to get the creative gears rolling. They seem pretty rusty lately….

      2. I will definitely check them out!! I started my blog last year and when my Mom died in the Spring, I didn’t touch my blog. I just couldn’t. I expressed my pain through music and writing but I didn’t blog it. I’m starting to let it all out now though. I’m finding it to be very therapeutic.

      3. I completely understand. But it’s scary because I feel the need to bare myself. Opening myself up is like being naked in front of a crowd…. you don’t know what people are going to think or how they’ll take it… and then there’s the problem of people not understanding me….

      4. It’s so true! I’m right there with you!! The Anna Nalick song I posted today actually says, I feel like I’m naked in front of a crowd. That’s me with sharing!

      5. Well I’ll never judge you. I’ve done too much myself to make fun of anyone else.

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