Dog Day Afternoon

I have two dogs. One that lives with me and the other lives with my ex-husband. My Princess Jasmine is my constant companion. She is a Chow Chow mix and is 15 years old. She is my baby. She has lymphoma. It causes her to lose her hair and get raw patches on her skin. For several months the vet has been treating her with steroids, antibiotics and she requires daily baths to prevent infection. She is a fighter. Last year, she had a stroke and she has recovered from that and now here we are. I know the reality of having a pet.  They don’t live long lives. It is a part of having a pet, unfortunately.

Last night I thought she was going to cross that rainbow bridge. She had a bad night which involved constant pacing and breathing issues. I laid down on my floor with her and held her. It took about ½ hour but her breathing regulated and she calmed down. It was a sleepless night.

Today, I got up and ran to the vet to pick up more steroids for Jazzy. I had some other errands to run as well. When I got home, I gave her her medicated bath. She loves her baths. She even does a happy dance after each bath. There was a time when she would even jump into the tub for me.  Those days are over.  Oh, she wants to try still. But I won’t let her.

I went ahead and cleaned my kitchen, did some laundry and swept my wood floors. It wasn’t long after I finished my ex arrived with my other dog, Tug. What can I say about Tug? He is a hot mess! He is an 80-pound chocolate Labrador Retriever. He is 80 pounds of stupid. I feel horrible saying that but if you ask anyone, they will not argue this point. He definitely is not the brightest Crayola in the box. But he is one gorgeous boy! He is also the sweetest dog I have ever met in my life. He craves attention the way that I crave ice cream. There is not a mean bone in this dog’s body. He just wants to pee, poop, sniff Jazzy’s butt, play, kiss, snuggle and eat. He doesn’t care about being top dog. A Chihuahua could rule over him. He is that docile.

So, in comes Tug. Greets his sister and immediately runs over and hikes his leg on my coffee table and area rug. Bahahaha! Okay. Great! So, I get the steam cleaner out and clean my carpet really well and disinfect my coffee table.

Next on my list is to give this giant beast a bath. Chances are pretty good that he will be my bed partner during this visit. I can’t have a stinky bed partner. So, I tricked him into the bathroom. I lifted one paw over the tub and thankfully he helped with the rest of his body. He doesn’t like baths. Figure that one out!  The Lab hates baths and the Chow Chow adores them! Once I get him rinsed off, I realized that I forgot to grab a towel.  OH BROTHER! I hurriedly run out into the hall and grab one hoping he would not jump out of the tub and start shaking. No such luck! And the hits just keep on coming! So now I had to clean my bathroom.

First things first though. I needed to get both dogs outside. Tug was scared to walk through my kitchen to get to my back door. I had to pull his 80-pound butt all the way from the front of the house to the back. Not and easy task. Especially when he is pulling the opposite direction. But I did it. When it is time to get both dogs inside, Tug immediately heads into my daughter’s room and hides. Are you kidding me? He absolutely did not want to walk through the kitchen on the wood floor. I finally get him out of my daughter’s room and proceed to clean the bathroom.

A little bit later, he indicated that he needed to go again. So, I let my Jazzy out and come back for him as he still will not walk through my kitchen. I had to drag his 80-pound butt back through my house once again. When he was done this time, he ran back into my daughter’s room and jumped into her bed. I guess he thought I couldn’t wrangle his butt if he was in the bed. He was wrong!

This has been my day. Wrangling one beast, medicating the other and I am exhausted! I was finally able to convince him that the kitchen floor isn’t that bad. It took food to do so. Those Labradors are very food motivated!

I am just now able to sit down, relax and think about my blog for the night. Here it is! My day! I am exhausted, I need a shower and I smell like a dog. I wouldn’t trade this day for anything in the world. There is nothing in this world like a dog’s love. Nothing. Its unconditional. It does not matter what you look like or smell like-they love you. They just want to be by your side. I might be exhausted but I am happy and I am loved!

Many blessings!

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      1. I’m picking! I was gonna mention something about the hot but I don’t want to get awkward lol…

      2. I do have a bad habit of saying stupid stuff a lot. Please don’t take me seriously lol!

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