Your Laugh for the Day-Alexa

Now comes the less fun part of the holiday season. The cookies have gone to my butt and I have a ton of decorations that need to be taken down.

So I need to get back on my diet. I need to clear the junk food out of my fridge, I need to get my house back to normal and my motivation today is at an all time low.

Damn those Christmas cookies! Oh well! I will lose those extra pounds and somehow find time to get my decorations down. I always do. Time to get back on track.

No no no not talking the new year, new me bs. I’m planning to remain the same sarcastic me I’ve always been. Just a few pounds lighter. Just a few pounds plus lighter. Don’t judge me!

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Your Laugh for the Day-Alexa”

  1. Laura, please.. I’d rather my fat go to my butt than my gut. I have a very embarrassing gut! I look like I’m pregnant! Or I swallowed a basketball… working out is a must! I’ll take the butt any day… I’d at least look good in my jeans… 😏