The Importance of the Bucket List

Topic is a bucket list. Do you have one? I certainly hope so. I know I do. My list ranges from doing silly things that I’ve never done before, (acting a fool optional) to places I’ve never seen.

I marked a few off of my list on my vacation this year.

  1. I traveled alone for the first time in my life.
  2. I saw my first lighthouse and climbed to the top. It was for me but mostly for my Mom whom I lost this year. She had a fondness of lighthouses.
  3. I had adventures to a different beach each day.
  4. I went to my first nude beach. (Close your mouth dear.) I stayed a grand total of maybe five minutes. But I went! I saw things that frighten fish. One guy must have grown up near power lines. Anyways, it was awkward and I had to vamoose!

It was a great vacation. Some things may seem silly. To me they aren’t. I was a Mom at a young age. The things kids my age were doing weren’t really an option for me. I had a baby, and needed to get a college degree and get out and work and support myself and my baby. That was my priority. I treasure every second of it too! My daughter is my heart.

But my daughter is grown now. There are so many things I want to do that I never had the chance to. And I will!

I think it’s important to prioritize in life. I think a bucket list should be prioritized as well. Let’s face it, we are not all rich and able to just take off and go every single place our heart desires. No, you need to be realistic. Include small adventures on your list such as local day trips with a friend or even a concert. Include things you always wanted to try but either been too scared or never had the opportunity to. By all means include travel!! There is so much beauty in this world. Pictures can only give you so much. You need to stand there, take in the air and the moment. You gotta live it.

We have this one life God gave us. There’s so much to take in. Life is for living. Experience new things. Make beautiful memories. Challenge oneself. I hope you get to check off those items on your bucket list. Whatever they may be.


Vivi! Ama! Ridi!

Live! Love! Laugh!!

11 thoughts on “The Importance of the Bucket List”

      1. I’ll see your nude beach and raise you one John story. I went to a Beer Garden when I was stationed in Germany. I was young, dumb and single and another buddy said there was a certain place there where the people got naked. You can imagine what we we thinking… so we went, we ate and drank. We headed out to see some things nice and naked like… well, we were humbled by the many old men who chose to participate that day. No pretty women, no not a one… rather a bad sausage festival… lessons learned.