The Horror! The Green Inferno

I love movies. I really love scary movies. I always have. I prefer the older ones as the newer ones are a bit too bloody for me. I want the roller coaster of emotions a good thriller brings.

My daughter loves horror movies also. She introduces me to a lot of the newest ones. One that she introduced me to was the Green Inferno. It was gruesome. It had a great story. And it had me drawn in completely. Even if I had to cover my eyes through many, many, many scenes.

Now if you have not seen it you may not want to read the next part. Sorry but here comes a spoiler.

A group of young people are held captive by cannibals. So I don’t need to tell you what that entails. One of the girls dies and the rest of the group figure, she’d be next on the menu. So they decide to put their drugs in their friend and when the cannibals eat her, they’d be high and they could make their getaway.

Okay, now had the drug been LSD, this would have probably been a great plan. But no that’s not the drug they had on them. Wait for it……Marijuana, Mary Jane, Ganja, reefer…….🤨

I’m sorry but if you are the Cheetos you don’t give the cannibals the munchies.

20 thoughts on “The Horror! The Green Inferno”

  1. LOL at the munchies part. THUMBS UP for wonderfully poor decision making. I’m a fan of horror films but I’ve never seen anything Eli Roth has directed. Do you or your daughter recommend a movie of his I should start with? 🙂

  2. Zombie movies are the worst in my opinion… so long and drawn out… I’ve never seen this one before. But Dawn Of The Dead type mess… 👎🏻

    1. The best zombie movie is 28 Days Later. Don’t mess with 28 Weeks Later. It’s actually that people get something called Rage. It’s passed on from a chimp that was being experimented on. So kinda like zombies but they can move!

      1. I saw that movie. And I liken it to DOAD… 😁 don’t hate me!

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