The Adventures of Laura-Who Dat?

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Okay, let me start this off by saying that I have never had a problem being alone, and I am not one to freak out over just anything, unless you want to bring spiders and snakes into this….but I digress. So, I heard a loud thud, that sounded like somebody was trying to get inside my house or already inside my house. It was just me and my dog home. I investigate with my trusty dog, Jazzy, by my side. I check closest areas first and nothing, I start my descent down my looooooong hallway to investigate the bedrooms. I finally reach the bedrooms and do a quick visual of all them and as I ready to enter the first bedroom, I turn back to see my dog Jazzy sitting in the hallway-all the way at the other end of the house! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Traitor! I knew I should have gotten that Rottweiler!

So, I head into my bedroom to grab my aluminum ball bat and the entire time I am holding the telephone with my parents’ number already dialed just in case. What do I find when I reach my side of the bed? My bat is gone! What!? Oh no!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I notice my electronic cigarette on the nightstand, I grab it. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why!?!?!?! I start looking for something to protect myself with, just in case, and all I can find is a cane. Well this is going great!

A loud thud, that sounds like someone is breaking into or already inside of my house, dog is a chicken shit, my bat is missing in action and I am so damn nervous I will probably try to smoke my cane and beat somebody with my electronic cigarette! I checked every room and found nothing. Thank God!

I have no idea what the hell the sound was but I do know that no one was in any of the closets, or under any of the beds… I guess the mystery will remain unsolved. Which is fine by me!

Note to self-next dog is gonna be a Rottweiler!

13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Laura-Who Dat?”

      1. I’m partial to the 43 because it’s so easily concealable. My “subcompact” is like a brick. It’s always a hindsight 20/20 thing.. if I could go back I’d opt for a 43 or a 19….

      2. I got one when I got out on my own. I held several to see how they felt in my hands. I’d like to get a small one to carry as this one takes a lot of room. It’s perfect for home protection though. I joined a gun range and taught myself to be comfortable with it.

      3. I support you 110%! Get comfortable with it! That’s your Rottweiler!

      4. Or! An F&N. Glocks are great guns. But sometimes the safety mechanism in the trigger makes it too squishy in the pull..