Trophy Hunting

What I am about to say, might anger some. Feel free to unfollow me.

I have no issue with hunting. I know many people that hunt deer locally. We are not talking about deer, we are talking about animals that are being hunted into extinction.

Big game. These animals are hunted as trophies. Not for food. It makes me ill. Every creature has a purpose on this planet. If you think that once a species is extinct that it will not have a negative effect on the environment, then you are sadly mistaken. Take a look at what happened to Yellowstone once they reintroduced wolves.

Some species that have been declared extinct in the last 10 years:

Western African Black Rhinoceros

Eastern Cougar

Pinta Tortoise

Formosan Clouded Leopard

Animals teetering on the brink of extinction:

Bornean Orangutan

Amur Leopard

Snow Leopard

Javan Rhinoceros

Sumatran Rhinoceros

Red Wolf



Asian Elephant

Indian Elephant

Sri Lankan Elephant

Sumatran Elephant

Bengal Tiger

Amur Tiger

Indochinese Tiger

Malayan Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Borneo Pygmy Elephant


Giant Panda

Sea Lions

Are we getting the picture? These are species that are essential for the ecosystem. Species that other species rely on for food. It’s a domino effect. We better wake up!

13 thoughts on “Trophy Hunting”

  1. there should be a balance in nature. its disgusting when humans who only recently started waling in two legs in the vast history of earth is trying to overtake nature. but the truth is we are petty little things against mighty nature.

  2. For the wealthy hunters who are soooo bored and amoral that the only thing left for them to do with their gobs of money is to pay to shoot another intelligent being, the solution is obvious. Stick them all on an uninhabited island and let them hunt each other.

  3. It’s a wealthy game. Which makes it so disgusting. There are some trophy hunts that actually help with the population. But they shoot the animal and take whatever and leave the rest there. Wrong.

    1. It’s wrong, so wrong. Again I know a lot of people that hunt deer. They are responsible people that obey the laws and use the deer. Deer are not endangered either. So I don’t want people to misunderstand what I’m saying here. So many beautiful species will be gone in just a matter of years. Devastating. I watched a show once where a rhino escaped poachers and people took her to a sanctuary. These poachers broke into the sanctuary to get her. It’s madness!

      1. I hunt and by no means am offended by your post! I completely agree that endangered species are off the list. But money unfortunately allows for immoral and downright evil actions. Hence, the Almighty dollar…

  4. White rhinos are on the Endangered species list as well! This infuriates me too. In the days of Native Americans, every part of a hunted animal was used… In some way for survival or another.

    1. Rhinos and tigers are my favorites. Such magnificent creatures. And yes the Indians paid proper respect to all creatures. I don’t get trophy hunting. Not at all. It breaks my heart to see so many species being eradicated for selfish reasons.

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