Do I have an Inside Voice?

I have been told by many people that I am loud. Many, many, many people. I have also been known to startle people when I walk up behind them while speaking. I truly never realized just how loud I am…until today.

I had to go into work to get some supplies. I was talking with one of my bosses and some other ladies. The topic: adult acne. We were discussing how unfair it is to be this old and have to deal with acne as well. Well, me being me (I can be very blunt), I say: “Yup, it’s not fair to have sagging breasts and sagging ass and pimples.”

Well, when a lot of the customers turned and looked at me, is the moment I realized just how loud I am. My bad!

But my statement is the truth! It’s not fair to have a second “puberty”! Been there, did that; hated it! It’s even less fun now as everything is saggy, we are a different kind of hormonally challenged, the hair is turning white (big shout out to my hairdresser-love ya girl), we have adult responsibilities and we are exhausted.

Well, what can we do? Nothing. Just gotta suck it up Buttercup! Cause that’s life!

22 thoughts on “Do I have an Inside Voice?”

  1. You know… I thought my wife was Italian for the longest time.. until one day she was making lasagna or something and was looking at a recipe. Me being the awesome husband I am said, “you’re Italian you don’t need recipes!” I was curiously corrected… turns out she’s just a plain old white girl… huh.. 😏

      1. I used to be a personal driver for 12years for and Italian family so I’m familiar with loud louder and loudest depending on the mood

      2. That’s the truth!! Lol! My dog got stuck under my bed and I was panicking trying to get her out without squishing her with the bed. I’m yelling at my daughter to get a chair to help hold the bed up. She’s yelling back at me, “stop yelling at me!” Lol! It’s funny now but not at the time. If I’m panicked or mad oh ya better get some ear plugs!

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