Lacuna-The Void

Have you ever felt something was missing inside of yourself? I have. I got very lost the last several years of my marriage. I became so consumed with trying to “save” my spouse from himself that I got to the point that I needed to save myself. I realized after I left, I needed to figure out what I needed for myself. All decisions now fell on me. I had a lot of healing to do first.

I had one thing after another happen that altered my path over the years. Some were positive changes and some not so much. Marriage, my accident, moving, cancer, divorce and most recently the loss of my Mom. Boom boom BOOM!

Yes, I realized after leaving my marriage, that I had something missing. Something I needed to do for me.

It took some time but I realized that what was missing was me writing regularly. I have always loved writing. It fills me up unlike anything I have ever experienced. Fills me up. There it is. The missing part. The void crying out!

You know most people go through life never knowing what they need to fill that void. It’s never too late to figure it out. As long as you have a heart that beats, air in your lungs, then there is still time to figure it out.

All the things that tested me, strengthened me, taught me and illuminated the path before me. With new eyes, I see.

Many blessings!

18 thoughts on “Lacuna-The Void”

    1. Oh it’s all good!! I’ve found what I needed and I’m doing really good. Everything I have ever experienced; the good, and the bad has all brought me here, where I am supposed to be. No need to be sorry. 💜

  1. Losing my church has greatly impacted me. Being without that support group has really been a struggle. Yes, as a Christian I shouldn’t be so attached to people in terms of salvation and faith. I should be solid in the Lord. Yes I put too much faith in them. I’m paying for it. But I know what you’re talking about.

      1. Many reasons… church isn’t cool anymore. Getting people to come and getting the members to be involved hurt. It was a rented building. The owner went up pretty big on the rent and we couldn’t afford it…

      2. It’s ok. I’m learning how much I need Jesus Himself and not people. I read a lot of good blogs and the messages are what I’d get if I were at church. I’m learning about myself right now. Plus, I’m learning how social I really am… I almost miss my quieter days lol..

  2. I was alone a lot near end of my marriage. I isolated myself to protect myself from being hurt any further. I have written things. Most was on my FB over the years. The Tales of Laura and such. But it wasn’t the same as it is now. It wasn’t as regular for one. It was just passing time before. I was not enjoying anything, just going through the motions. I’ve found new life I guess you could say. And thank you for your kind words!!! Means the world to me!!!

  3. So glad you found that! And you’re so talented and funny… what a shame if you’d just gone on stifling that part of yourself.

    I was lucky that my ex-husband ignored me so much I had lots of time to write while married; my problem came later, when I tried to date and find a new relationship post-divorce. Then, I didn’t have enough time to write. But I’ve quit dating now, so all is well! 😀

    1. Oh yes!! I lost myself in my marriage. Anything and everything I put into it was made out to be insignificant. It really had a negative impact on me. I gave him my power. I started working out, doing things for just me and found my strength and voice again. The last year it got so bad. It about broke me. That’s when I knew I had to make a choice. I chose me. Oh writing definitely is helping me heal and find who I am and who I want to be. It’s incredible to me that something so simple can have such a major impact!! Many blessings to you and glad you are doing things to make you feel whole!! ❤️

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