Yellowstone Puts the Kibosh on Grizzly Trophy Hunt

Yes!!! Thank you Yellowstone!

Oh my heart! ❤️

8 thoughts on “Yellowstone Puts the Kibosh on Grizzly Trophy Hunt”

  1. I had to do a little research before commenting here, since EC made a couple of good points. As it turns out, while Grizzlies have made a remarkable comeback in Yellowstone, their numbers are still low enough to return them to the endangered species list. Seems hunting was wanted mainly by trophy hunters and people up for Darwin Awards for not being smart enough to avoid antagonizing bears.

    TROPHY hunting is barbaric. I *do* differentiate between that and hunting for survival, or as an unfortunate necessity to balance wildlife populations. When I lived in the greater Atlanta area for example, EVERY day there was a traffic report of at least one accident between a car and a deer. In the spring, it’d be anywhere from 6 to 12 a day. Predators were gone, and there was major over-population.

    1. I agree with everything you said. And yes their numbers still low and hunt called off as put back on endangered list. I’m not a hunter. I know people that are. They aren’t trophy hunters. They utilize every part they can of their kill. The deer population without any of their predators will always get out of control. The video on Yellowstone and the changes that took place once wolves were reintroduced is a perfect example. As far as trophy hunting, it makes me sick.

      1. I’m sure it was a regulated hunt. But the hunters have to be inspected pretty thoroughly. If I ever had a bear, he’s going home with me entirely. Meat, hide, claws, teeth, the works. No waste.