Tell the Story-The Winter Blahs me today in this Tell the Story Challenge: Thank you Kristian!

Written for Tell the Story, a writing prompt initiated by The Eclectic Contrarian.

Lisa was once again suffering from the Winter blahs. That is what she liked to call it. Her doctor had another name for it. SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. She has dealt with the Winter blues as far back as she could remember. She always tried to cut it off at the pass by increasing her Vitamin D intake, exercise and even the occasional nerve pill. All of these things helped but never eliminated the dreaded blahs completely.

Lisa fought the blahs daily. No matter how bad she felt, she got up and gave each day her all. One thing that always lifted her spirits was animals. She had her two dogs, her cat and all of the wildlife out her backdoor. She would get up every morning and take her coffee and sit in her sunroom and watch the wildlife. From the squirrels acting crazy chasing each other, to the Bluebirds and the Cardinals that occasionally made appearances. Then there were the geese.

She wasn’t sure exactly what it was about the geese that lifted her spirits and drove her anxiety away. She was never particularly fond of them growing up. She didn’t hate them either. But they definitely had an impact on her.

One morning she woke up and the tears just began flowing instantly. She was lower than she had been that entire Winter. She forced herself to get moving. She headed into the kitchen and began her morning routine. She started the coffee and then took the dogs out to do their business. Like clockwork, once the dogs were done doing their business, the coffee maker was done doing its business as well. She filled her favorite mug full of coffee and adjourned to her sunroom.

She sat crying and staring out by her lake. She watched the geese. This one gaggle of geese that would always tough it out every Winter. They never left once the cold weather would creep in. All the others flew the coop. But not this group. They were some tough old birds. Lisa sat thinking about their routine each day. Just then Lisa realized what it was about these geese that moved her so.

They never gave up. Despite the conditions they had to live with, they would always tough it out and make the best of every day. It was like a light went off in her head. “Well, if they can get through these dreary Winter days, then so can I. If they can tough it out, then so can I.”

Lisa finished her coffee, got dressed and headed out for the day. No more sitting around being consumed with sadness. She was going to get out and make the best of the cold Winter day.


If you’re up for the challenge, I look forward to reading your story and thank you, Kristian for thinking of me!

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