The Importance of Self Care

Sometimes a Fibromyalgia flare is brought on by stress. Sometimes lack of sleep. Our bodies do not recover like they once did prior to Fibromyalgia. Self-care is a must. I’m in my bed writing this and enjoying the comforts of every last one of my pillows.

I have been mentally exhausting myself. Today, is my day. I’m #1priority. Whatever I need to do for myself, that’s what I will do. No stressors. No work. I’ve been working extra hard and I have been so consumed with making my deadline for work that I didn’t even realize I’m way ahead of schedule. Go me! So I’m taking the day off. It’s a must.

14 thoughts on “The Importance of Self Care”

      1. Sounds like you’re all sorted now. Don’t get out from under those blankets and keep warm and well.
        Is it TV time or what?