Swimming with a Great White

First of all…..NO! I love Shark week and to watch these magnificent creatures. But I would never swim with one.

If you have not seen the video, check the size of this Great White! Dayum gurl, you crazy!

9 thoughts on “Swimming with a Great White”

  1. I saw that story online a day or two ago, LOL. 20 foot long great white shark, LITERALLY Jaws sized and the divers are in the water WITHOUT a cage! O_o Hell to the no.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with it being around Hawaii… Hawaiian culture has a deep respect for sharks, and believes their shark goddess brought them to the islands from Lemuria. Regardless, it’s not the first video I’ve seen of Hawaiians swimming peacefully with sharks.

    1. Right?! Noooo! Magnificent creatures that I do not feel the need to see up close. Lol!

      I have no idea. I know they say they only attack if they mistake you for prey. But I would not test the theory. I like my parts intact.

      1. Indubitably!! Lol!

        The shark I mean!! It’s a bit fishy, but I like it.

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