The Adventures of Jazzy- “Old-timer” Moment

This is my little old lady-Jazzy. She is my best friend in the world. She has seen better days. (Haven’t we all!)

I found out a few months back that the black spots on her skin are due to cancer. At fifteen she can still give squirrels a run for their money and fly down my back stairs and do a happy dance from time to time. But she definitely has her “old-timer” moments. Or maybe she just does these things to get more of my attention. Lol!

One thing I know for sure. Chow Chows are some of the most stubborn dogs walking the planet! 😂 I would not trade her for anything in this world.

20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Jazzy- “Old-timer” Moment”

    1. Thank you. She’s a fighter. I have to give her medicated baths regularly to keep spots from getting infected. Plus she takes steroids regularly. She seems to be feeling good most of the time. More naps now that she is older and the spots and old timer moments. Lol! But she just keeps going.

      1. Im actually looking to eventually get a dog, is a chow chow the kind of dog you can leave alone at times without them tearing up your home?

      2. I have had 2 Chow mixes and both great dogs. Neither tore up anything in the house. However, one tried to eat my gutter spout to get to a squirrel. Both clean dogs too. Jazzy didn’t mess in house until old age. So I get her out more frequently now.

      3. I enjoy it alot!!!! I have met alo of interesting people on here some have crazy ideas about life some thin out of the box an many are kind and fun to talk like you. I am actually working on a post about my time on wordpress writing sports hopefully you will find it interesring reading lol.

      4. Blogging is a creative outlet that leads to other creative writing project so beware …you may be com a best selling author lol

      5. Haha! That would be nice! I have actually been thinking of taking my Hunter or Prey story on here and writing a book. I like the way it turned out. Will have to see. Writing a blog post or short story and writing a book are not the same thing. Not sure I have what it takes to do so.

      6. True they are not but the one gives you the confidence to try the other . I am working on finally writing a book . I am making it my goal to make 2019 the year I finally get it done.

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