Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award
10h agoHello!

I recently received my 2nd Sunshine Blogger Award nomination! I would like to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude to Priyanka!!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you for the nomination!! It means a lot to me. So for those of you wondering, “What is The Sunshine Blogger Award?” According to Aiming to Stress Less, the Sunshine Blogging Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.


Rules :
Once nominated you must like and RT the blogger who nominated you and read their post and answers.

As it is all about giving and passing the torch so here are the people I nominate for this award.

My questions:

How is blogging making difference in your life?

I feel content. I have felt like something was missing in my life. Like something I needed to be doing. This was it.

When did you start writing and why?

I started writing short stories when I was a kid. Writing was an escape for me.

If not blogging then what is your way of artistic expression?

I used to create jewelry (when things calm down plan to get back to it) and I like to doodle, draw, color. Recently discovered an app on my laptop that lets me create art. Can draw, paint…possibilities are endless. I’ve started creating backgrounds for my poetry.

Your favorite category of blogging?

That’s a hard one. I love them all. Sometimes I just need to laugh and be silly. Sometimes I need to share a song as music is a part of my soul. Sometimes I need to share some of the hard times I have been through, not for pity but maybe it could help someone else who has been there or is currently there. Then other times I get really serious. I am an animal lover, and that shows in some of my posts. Sometimes I vent about issues I see in the world. But my fav have to be the ones that bring laughter. Life is hard enough and everyone needs to remember to laugh, no matter what they have going on.

Suppose you have to Rename the term blogger, what it will be?

Whew! This is really making me think. Hmm….online journalist?

Share one of a favorite blog post of yours and why you think it is the best?

My favorite is Hunter or Prey, it took me out of my comfort zone and pushed my writing ability. I am very proud of how the story turned out. It’s different writing a story as opposed to your thoughts on a topic or posting for laughs. Those things come easier for me. I like a challenge.

Who is your favorite Blogger?

I cannot pick one. I follow such a diverse group of bloggers. Everyone has their own style. I like that. Keeps it interesting.

Who is your favorite Author?

Dean Koontz

Do you watch Netflix series, if yes, which is your favorite?

I do. I just finished the series YOU. My fav is one that is no longer on there. Damages. Starring Glenn Close. It was an absolutely amazing show. I could watch every episode again right now.

What inspires you?

Honestly, my poetry tends to come from pain I have endured. Mostly anyways. I think it’s my way of expressing things and getting them out. Plus with poetry you can keep some of the characters and details hidden, not so much in story telling. I do not share everything. So that’s my go to for getting painful things out. As for everything else, it depends on the subject. Some things I am just passionate about and that acts as fuel for the post. Other things I just find interesting or funny and want to share. I do not go out a lot. My home, my daughter, my family are my life. So I do draw a lot of inspiration from every day things.

Any message, you want to give to the readers?
Blog on!!! 🤟🏻

Hoping that my nominees will continue to spread the inspiration to other bloggers/writers:

Your questions:

  1. Share one of your favorite childhood memories.
  2. Which season is your favorite?
  3. What song picks you up when you are down?
  4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
  5. If you could time-travel, would you visit the past or the future?
  6. Favorite comedian?
  7. Are you a fan of Harry Potter movies? If so, favorite character?
  8. What is your pet peeve?
  9. Cat person or dog person?
  10. Favorite subject to write about?

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