TPT-Line ‘em Up!

In honor of Throat Punch Thursday!! We are almost there boys and girls!! C’mon Friday!

4 thoughts on “TPT-Line ‘em Up!”

  1. Foul! False Start! 10 yard penalty, repeat the down. It’s Wednesday at 10:19pm.

    THAT said… Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming chapter of Witchfire

    Golden Qilin immediately stepped forward with a kick of her own, which Witchfire countered with a stop kick to Golden Qilin’s shin. As Qilin continued her advance with a straight punch, Witchfire used an open hand parry to deflect it and punched her in the throat with her other hand. Golden Qilin fell to her knees and elbows, clutching her throat with both hands. She coughed and weased, struggling for breath.

      1. It only is IF I can get it posted in time. Looking iffy given how much I’ve got going on and how worn out I am.

        Can’t nobody say I don’t write some wild erotica though, hehehe