Adventures of Mom and Dad: That’s Not How that Works!

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This is a 2016 post from my FB page. This one made me laugh, at first. Then I read my Mom’s comments and just cried. I’m still going to share as it is a great memory. One that does make me laugh. It was reading my Mom’s comments that got to me. I miss her.


I went to visit Mom and Dad today before going to the chiropractor. Mom asked me to pick up some supplements for her from the chiropractor. After my adjustment, I head back to Mom and Dad’s house to give her the supplements. Mom was excited to show me some liquid Dad got her to put on her nails to help strengthen them. So I grabbed the tube and look at it closely.

I chuckled and said, “this is not for your nails, it is lip gloss. You are putting it on the wrong part of your body. It won’t help your nails.” I was cracking up.

Mom and Dad look at each other and start cracking up. Lol!

The good news-Mom’s hands are now very kissable!

11 thoughts on “Adventures of Mom and Dad: That’s Not How that Works!”

      1. March 8, 2018. She had so many surgeries and in and out of hospital last few years of her life. Then her and dad both in at different places. I started doing videos of messages from them to each other.

      2. That is still very recent. The hospital experience for the elderly can be so horrible at times. I must have visited my Mum through at least 8 different hospitalisations in her final years. Is your father still alive?

      3. Yes it is hard on them. So much time away from their home and recovering. Yes my Dad is still here. He had triple bypass and new valve replacement a few years back whole Mom was in rehabilitation center learning to walk again after one of her surgeries. I feel very blessed that he made it through that. It was so cute the things they said to each other in the videos I made. It was their only way of communicating at that time. Then he was sent to the same rehabilitation center. I got their reunion on video. It was the sweetest thing ever.

      4. I feel for your Dad so hard to lose your life partner like that. At leat they had that time together. What a gorgeous momento to have recorded. After Mum died I lost my moblie phone and it had her final message to me on it. That was sad.

      5. Oh that had to be so hard to lose that. My Dad stays busy. Which is good. He’s having issues right now with his kidneys and they want him to start dialysis but he does not want to. He is going to be 84 years old in May. I don’t want to lose my Dad but at the same time it is his body and he is of sound mind. If he does not want to go through this then I get it. If I’m 84 and I tell my kid, I’m not doing it, they damn sure better not tell me otherwise. The reality is none of us are getting out of here alive. Sucks but it is a fact. Gotta give as much love to our loved ones as we can each day. Make every second count. You never know when the last time you see someone will actually be the last time.

      6. Its hard losing the second parent. I lost my Dad when I was 22 actually just a month before my 23rd birthday. And it is true death is a stark reminder to make the most of every day. I often used to cry with and after seeing my Mum as I knew her life could not go on forever. You become an orphan when you lose both parents.

        Its surreal when they finally go but I felt my Mum strongly around me in the 40 days after she died Then around my birthday I feel the ground crying so deeply cause I felt her spirit move away. It was a strange experience. I wrote a poem about it.

        Make the most of your Dad. I know you will <3 <3 <3