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Kristian, has tagged me in this Tell the Story challenge, see the post below and the picture.

Tell the story Challenge #5

So here is my story:

Stella stood at the counter staring out the window. Nothing would ever be the same again. She looked around the kitchen of her home. The tears flowing down her pale face.

She had lost her job a couple of months back and struggled to make the monthly bills. She took side jobs as a seamstress to make extra money. But not much.

Jobs were hard to come by in her little village of Kenmare, Ireland. It was in a remote part of the country. A lot of farmland. When the local co-op burned down, it hurt a lot of people. Sure the owners had insurance and could have rebuilt but they opted to move to the city. A lot of people lost their jobs overnight.

Stella had almost everything out of the house already. She had just a few boxes left and she had some hats she made and clothes she altered still sitting about waiting to be picked up that evening. That would put a bit more money in her pocket.

She did another walk through. Touching the oak framing in each doorway. Reminiscing of all the times she had with her family in their home over the years. The tears never stopped.

Come tomorrow morning, she would be handing over the keys to their home to the realtor. The home she loved and raised her children in. The only home her and her husband had ever owned.

It was tough when her husband hurt himself at work and was now wheelchair bound. But she was able to keep up with everything thanks to her job. That was then. This is now. Her savings was now depleted after the loss of her job. She had enough to put a down payment on a small flat in the city of Dublin.

She knew there were positives to the move. Country living was hard. It would be much easier on her in the city. She already found a job and would be starting the following week. Caring for her husband would also be much easier in a flat as opposed to their farmhouse. Those silver linings could not stop her tears.

She collected herself and packed the remaining boxes into their truck. She was ready to head to her flat and see her husband and daughter. She could spend a few hours there and begin unpacking. Although she would return later that night, she felt like this was her final good-bye. One more good-bye while it was still light out.

She jumped into her truck and started the engine. She turned and looked back while she wiped the tears from her face. She faced forward, took a breath and put the truck into drive. She drove the rocky path slowly, staring back at her home in the rear view mirror until she could no longer see it.

The End

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8 thoughts on “Begin Again-Tell the Story”

      1. You have a great eye, it was. It was actually the Quiet Man cottage from the old film staring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. If you like Ireland, then it’s a great old film to watch, one of my favourites.

      2. I have heard of that one but not seen it. My fav John Wayne movie is the Cowboys. I like a good revenge movie.

        I’ve never been to Ireland. I would love to. So why I looked at the pic and thought Ireland is beyond me! 😂

      3. Maybe it’s one of those places you are destined to visit. I could always identify pictures of Venice, although I’d never been. When I went there I wandered the streets like I’d lived there before. Weird. 🙂

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