The Stones

Not everyone believes in the healing powers of crystals or stones. I believe.

Do you take vitamins? Why do you take them? The minerals in your supplements are made from the same compounds that make up these crystals and stones.

So it’s different ingesting it as opposed to touching it? Ever use Vick’s Vapor Rub? What part of the body? I bet you didn’t eat it.

I believe in the power of crystals. Do I carry them with me wherever I go? No. But I do have stones and crystals in my home. I keep several in my kitchen windowsill. I’ve always had a fondness of rocks. Yes I am a weirdo! Rocks, crystals and stones. When I go on a hunt for beads for my jewelry, I always get lost staring at the geodes, crystals and polished spheres. I am drawn to them. I have to hold the spheres. The coolness. The calmness.

I began learning more about each stone as I used them in my jewelry. I am no expert by any means. My collection is very small, but only because my money must go on other things first. 😂

Yes, I am a believer that they possess more than just physical beauty.

5 thoughts on “The Stones”

  1. I agree with you, and have a fairly large collection of stones myself.

    I can say that some of what happens with stones, crystals and anything “magick” really, is placebo effect OR manifestation though. Different people have different beliefs about the same stones and get results. Look at the two descriptions in your for Peridot for example. Most people believe that Rose Quartz is a natural psychic amplifier and shielding stone, but that’s not really mentioned. Selinite is a natural sponge for negative energy, AND only requires sunlight to clean it of that energy. Psi amplifier? Never heard that one…

    Point being it’s as much about the faith as it is the stone.

    Basic quartz is a good lesson there. You can use it for ANYTHING and it magnifies your efforts. It’ll also channel all your doubts and soak up negative energy like a high power vacuum cleaner. I had one piece that looked like smoky quartz in no time at all when I was younger. It’s the one stone I advocate “use with caution”