Food for Thought-We are Diamonds

I love this quote. A diamond begins as a chunk of coal. Pressure and time transforms that chunk of coal into a thing of beauty.

It is such a shame that people do not look at the changes in themselves over the years as positives. Every scar, blemish, stretch mark tells a story about one’s life. These are experiences that mold us. That change us. That betters us. That is beautiful.

11 thoughts on “Food for Thought-We are Diamonds”

      1. So.. if the planets aligned and the time was right and you decided to marry again, you’d want the guy to put a dog on your finger? Lol!!!!

      2. Hahaha! I must admit that I have always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog. But a shelter dog would be just fine! Save a life. Okay two puppies! One Bernese and one shelter. Boom! 😂

      3. Lol!!!! So basically when you see a FedEx or UPS full of puppies show up.. you found the one lol!!

      4. Lol! Um well I don’t know about all that! It would take someone pretty special to make me want to marry again. An entire herd of puppies alone won’t do that.

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