What is beautiful?

What is beautiful?

When you try to put yourself in another’s shoes.

Having friends that have your back no matter what.

Giving without expecting anything in return.

A smile when you are feeling low.

Seeing an old couple still displaying affection.

The sunrise.

The sunset.

Country roads.

Old world cities with cobblestone streets.

An old fashioned bakery or candy shop.

People that bring out the best in you.

A loving heart.

Giving love and being loved in return.

Music-you know this!

Rainbows after a rainstorm.

Walking in the woods.

That feeling you get when something is awakened inside of you.

A hug.

Someone asking how you are and genuinely want to know.

A call just because.

The sunshine.

The ocean.

The mountains.

A field full of flowers.

A country drive with great music.

Little adventures.

The love a pet gives to us. Nothing like it!

Deep belly laughs!

Moments that take your breath away.

It’s amazing all the beauty that surrounds us daily and how easily we can forget. So next time you are feeling low, look around. There’s always beauty nearby!

Many blessings!

24 thoughts on “What is beautiful?”

  1. Now that I’ve given up my daily anxiety of how I might look to some man, I find the world is full of beauty, from kittens to flowers to cakes to paintings to poetry etc etc etc. It’s such a RELIEF to unfocus from the mirror!

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