Social Media and the Single Girl-Part 2

Oh, brace yourself boys and girls, cause Laura is about to go off! First let me say, I have a weird sense of humor. I find humor in many things, that includes some things that some might find vulgar or tasteless. So yes, I have a dirty sense of humor. It runs in my family believe it or not.

When I was married, I had no problem posting dirty memes. I didn’t think twice about it. I noticed once I was single, it was a different story. Unfortunately, a lot of men look at it like it is an invitation. It isn’t. Get over yourself.

Here I go:

  1. If I post something that is a bit dirty, this is not an invitation! It is simply something I find humorous and thought would share, so that those who have the same sense of humor could enjoy a good laugh as well. I’m allowed to find humor in any damn thing I want.
  2. Keep your tallywhacker to yourself. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT! First of all, tallywhackers do not photograph well. Secondly, it is disrespectful as hell. Thirdly, presumptuous! Last but not least, yuck!
  3. Just because I have a dirty sense of humor, does not mean I am sending you an invite. Trust me, I am a grown woman. If I want someone, I will make sure that person knows. So do all of us a favor and keep your tallywhacker to yourself!
  4. Don’t send me suggestive memes that show a tallywhacker. Ones that suggests the tallywhacker belongs to you. HAHAHAHA! Just because we are “friends” on social media, (were friends) does not mean it is okay for you to send me these. I am a smart woman. I know exactly what you are trying to do. Take your suggestive memes and shove them up your ass!
  5. I’m not the one.
  6. Grow up!
  7. Take it elsewhere!
  8. BLOCKED-my trigger finger is always ready. I got this blocking thing down!

18 thoughts on “Social Media and the Single Girl-Part 2”

    1. Lol! I am cracking up! Thank you. My inbox got hit tonight not with just one, but two! It sent me into bitch mode. One was a meme but out of nowhere! I mean this person has been on my Social media a very long time and never have we exchanged any memes. Out of nowhere! Then check other social media site and hello! So done. If it was not for my blog, I would delete FB altogether. I am spending less and less time on there.

      1. It’s definitely becoming sketchy for a lot of people. You never know what’s going to be in your inbox. I’m sorry people are disgusting! You’re lovely. 😊

      2. Aww, thank you sweetie!! Yes, a lot of sketchy ones walking this earth. It sucks to feel like you always have to keep your guard up. But you have to it seems.

      3. That’s very true. I hope you have a good week with little to hopefully no dick images crossing your path unless you choose to see them. 😊

      1. If people won’t respect boundaries, you’re entitled. Like Patrick Swayze said in “Roadhouse”; Be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”