Sometimes that’s all you need. Just a matter of seconds. Sometimes you need longer.

I think it’s important to always listen to your body and mind. I always know when my body needs a break. Always. I have lived with pain long enough to recognize the signs.

My mind is a different story. I’ve always been good at acting as if all is well even when it’s not. It is essential to be able to do this. You can’t show up for life unraveled. I’m good at pushing pain and anxiety down deep and ignoring it. Sometimes you are able to even fool yourself. Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing. But it’s not a good thing either. At some point you have to recognize how you are feeling and deal with it.

So yes, I am learning to listen to my mind as well. I practice the pause. I’ve become very comfortable with doing what I need to for myself over the last few years. It’s essential to prioritize yourself.

Practice the pause.

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