Taking a breather

I have been working pretty hard this month to make deadlines for work and staying up late working on my blog. My blog has grown pretty fast in a very short time. I’m really happy with it. I love where it’s going. I have more than tripled my views this month. Which blows my mind! Thank you so very much for your support. It means a lot to me.

I am taking tonight off from anything requiring me to think. Will I post a couple of things? Definitely! But I’m taking a break from the actual writing. Taking tonight off, will be my reward for working so hard the last couple of months building my blog.

Many blessings to everyone! 💜

11 thoughts on “Taking a breather”

    1. Thank you!! Yes I do. I have a poem ready but saving for after 6 tomorrow night. It is for a whole new theme. Lol! It’s about change. Who knows maybe I can find some inspiration to write something about rest? Lol!