Music-Soundtrack of our Lives

Today’s theme is all about music. There will not be a “song of the day” post, there will be many!!

I love all types of music. If something feels right when I hear it, I don’t worry about the coolness factor or the genre. I could give two shits if anyone else feels the way I do about a particular song. What it sparks in me is a personal experience.

I cannot say that I look for anything in particular when seeking out good music. I just like what I like. Sometimes a beat will grab my attention. Sometimes it’s just a verse that resonates with me. Sometimes both the beat and the lyrics grab ahold of me. I love the songs that demand goosebumps. That’s when you know you’ve found something special.

I have always been surrounded by music. My Mom always had music going in the house. My Dad always had his 8-tracks he played in his truck. My older siblings always had their music going. I sang in the choir in grade school and I played the violin when I was younger for several years. Yes, music has always played an active role in my life.

Music-our own personal soundtracks for our lives. Sometimes a song can help with grieving. Sometimes a song can be for celebrating. Sometimes a song takes us back to days gone by. Sometimes a song can make one think about life or maybe love. Music can evoke so many different emotions and it is very personal. Each of us has our own individual soundtrack in this life, songs that have followed us from childhood on. A song, very much like a poem, will take on meaning according to the recipient. Yes, it’s a very personal experience.

I cannot imagine a world without music. It’s my therapist, my muse, my soul, my heart. It’s in my DNA. I need music. Life would not be as beautiful without it.

9 thoughts on “Music-Soundtrack of our Lives”

      1. Awesome! That’s one instrument I always wanted to learn to play. I fiddled with one 1 time… I’m no Bach nor Beethoven….

      2. I’m sorry to hear that! Well, I can guarantee you were once better than I ever will be lol!

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