Tell the Story-Lycanthrope

Lydia’s big day had finally arrived. She had been planning for it since Jacob had proposed last year. They had been a couple for over 3 years now and she had never felt about anyone the way that she did about him. She worked so hard to make their special day perfect.

She was very worried about Jacob. He wasn’t feeling very good. He was suffering from a dog bite on his arm and was on strong antibiotics and just had a series of Rabies vaccines. Though this would likely keep them from enjoying their wedding reception, she didn’t let that dampen her spirits. It is the wedding that matters.

Today a solar eclipse would take place. Neither had realized that when they picked the date for their wedding. Talk about perfect timing! The wedding ceremony was going perfectly. Everything looked so beautiful. She could feel her heart skipping beats the entire time.

Then it happened, the eclipse. Right before they were to say their, “I dos”. But something else was happening at that exact moment, Jacob bent over screaming in agony. Nobody knew what to do. Everyone gathered around him trying to help. Something was way off. His fingers seemed to be growing, hair was sprouting from his hands. Lydia, touched his shoulder, “Jacob?” Jacob looks up and in an otherworldly voice barks, “get away from me, run!” Lydia seemed to be looking at someone else. Or something else. The Jacob she knew, was not there. His tuxedo began ripping at the seams. He let out a horrific growl. Everyone scattered. People running for the doors. Lydia’s Dad, had to grab her and drag her away from Jacob. Everyone stood at the church doors, staring in at what was once Jacob. There before them was a lycanthrope, a werewolf. The werewolf turned and saw everyone outside the church doors. It ran at them at full speed. Just as he was about to pounce against the doors, the sun returned. As did Jacob.

The End

Thank you Kristian for the challenge. I gotta admit that when I saw it was a picture of a wedding, I got a bit nauseated. Lol! So I decided to put a twist in there!

Guidelines … Create your own Tell The Story around the image above, then select three bloggers of your own and add your own image to complete the tag. All you need do is create a tale, story or poem.
Have Fun.

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