What a Character!

I have a love of movies. Not just scary ones. I love a good comedy. Definite fan of Sci-Fi. All genres. I just love movies. This post is covering some of my favorite characters in some of my favorite movies, shows or series.

Michael Biehn-Terminator, ReeseAliens-Hicks

His character in both of these movies, what can I say? Definite crush! How can you not love a man that crosses time for a woman?

Chris Sarandon-Fright Night, Jerry Dandridge

The first time I ever watched this movie, I was a teenage girl. I was hooked! Bite me! 😂 Enough said!

Sigourney Weaver-Ripley, Alien movies

She portrayed a strong woman that kicked ass! My hero!!

Sarah Michelle Gellar-Buffy Summers

I loved this series! I never missed it and have watched the reruns many times. Buffy is a young lady that is dealt a hand she didn’t ask for. She battles evil and though she is surrounded by people that love her, she in many ways is alone. She kicked ass and we watched her grow in the series from a young girl that was unsure of herself into a force to be reckoned with. Great series. Great cast. Great character!

Jim Caviezal-Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monté Cristo

Great character, great story! How can you not love a great revenge story? This is the best one ever! He plays his character beautifully. From the start when he was a terribly naive young man to the bitter, revenge seeking man he became due to paying a price for nothing more than being a trusting soul.

Jason Momoa-Khai Drogo, Game of Thrones

Okay, this is my Hollywood crush to crush all other crushes! Whew! The first time I ever saw Momoa was on HBO’s GOT. Upon first sight, I thought naturally that he’s a very attractive man. But what did it for me was how his character changed in the series once he fell in love. The way he treated his wife (Khaleesi), melted my heart. I have been crushing on him ever since! 🥰

Thomas Jane-Carter Green, Standoff

I just watched this for the first time a few weeks back. I loved Thomas Jane’s character. A man that has a strong sense of right and wrong and no matter the cost, he’s going to do what’s right. That was it for me!

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