Missing Persons

The number of missing people in the US is beyond alarming. I cannot imagine the anguish for these families.

I remember a local case from many years ago of a young woman that went missing. To this day her family has not found out what happened to her. The only thing they know is that she was seen being abducted. I still see the mother from time to time pushing local authorities for answers. If it was my child, I’d be the same way.


9 thoughts on “Missing Persons”

  1. Any kid disappearing is a tragedy, NO denying that.

    The article linked to is a classic example of media exploitation of that tragedy though. They take numbers over a 14 year period to make them look higher, and don’t take into account the population vs the number of kids abducted. One in 12 people in the US live in California. Indiana rated 15th worst state and had 124 abductions… over 14 years. That’s 9 a year in a population of over 6.67 million in the state. So the odds of a kid getting abducted in Indiana in any given year are 1 in 741,000. In California, the population is 39,540,000 and there were 4,541 abductions over 14 years. That adds up to 325 abductions a year. Divide 39,540,000 by 325 = a 1 in 121,661 chance of getting abducted.

    All this also overlooks that the vast majority of child abductions are also committed by a divorced parent or other family member or acquaintance, AND that 99% of abductions get returned home alive (per the article).

    Yet the media and the government would have us believe there’s a child abductor on every corner. Fear is a powerful manipulation and control tool. Exploiting a tragedy like this is almost as bad as the tragedy itself.

    1. Oh I agree. It’s not broken down per capita. It’s just giving the totals per state. Thank God for a large percentage returning home alive. The numbers are still alarming of those that never return home though.

      1. I agree, Even a single kidnapped child is a tragedy.

        I’m just disgusted by the way the media and the government exploit it to scare people for ratings and enact nanny state laws. Remember that family that was in the news and being prosecuted for neglect for letting their kids go play at the park on their own?

      2. Oh yes!! They go for ratings at any cost. Yes that family has had their lives turned upside down. You see so many cases of people that are truly guilty of neglect or abuse or both and the courts just keep putting the kids back into horrible environments. But this is not such a case. This is bs.