Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I was recently put in a situation by someone that I did not ask for. Do I think this person meant any harm? No, I believe that she is being duped by someone. Someone that seeks women out like prey. Someone that is looking for followers. Someone that hides behind the guise of goodness. This man is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Someone that uses God as a means to get to people.

I will not go into detail. I will not share information about said person. I will not give this man what he wants. Which is more attention. So, I am keeping this post very vague, so that he does not benefit in any way from it. This being said, I confronted this person. While I’m trying to express to her how upset I am that she pinned me to such a person, all she could think of was trying to get me to contact him. It did not matter what I had to say. Not in the slightest. It was obvious that she is under the influence. The influence of him. This frightens the hell out of me.

As we are conversing through messages, my daughter and I started to discuss said situation. That is when my daughter informs me that this woman had been trying to get her to contact him as well, trying to play matchmaker and singing this “man’s” praises. She herself is single, but tells my daughter that this guy is not for her. Hmm? My daughter shut her down. That’s my girl!

I saw enough of his profile to know this “man” is trouble. I saw that he has women flocking to him. I saw pictures of his pulpit, the wine chalice, videos of him preaching. What preacher, has so many selfies? Vanity-it’s a sin. What preacher has 99.9% women following him? What preacher allows selfies to be tagged with unknown women? I sent the profile for this “preacher” to several friends. I asked them to give me their honest opinion. I wanted to make sure that my spidey-sense was on point. All of them saw what I did. That this “man” was trouble!

I was completely creeped out by this. I am still creeped out. I like my little center of the universe. I like my quiet, peaceful home. I won’t let just anyone into my private world. Regardless of someone’s intentions, if they put you in an uncomfortable or bad situation, you have every right to dismiss them from your life. I feel for this woman. Like I said, I truly don’t think she meant any harm. But it was also evident that all she thinks about is this man. I pray for her and all of the other followers of this self-proclaimed “preacher”. I smell a rat in the Kool-Aid.

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