I think everyone has something that they are afraid of or something that makes them uneasy. My fear-clowns! They creep me out. I cannot explain it. It just is what it is.

Is my fear of clowns a phobia? Definitely! I am not a fan. They freak me out. To be honest if someone dressed as a clown approached me, I would go into fight or flight mode.

The definition of a phobia is:

I thought it was just a fear of clowns not a full blown phobia. Until I got a friend request from someone that dresses as a clown for local events. I saw the clown get up and that alone was reason enough for me to deny. 😂

I have no idea what stemmed this fear. I just know it’s been with me as far back as I can remember.

Most phobias are linked to a traumatic event or situation but not all. I really wish I knew the why for my fear of clowns. But it’s not a phobia that hinders my life. So I won’t be spending thousands of dollars seeking psychiatric help in curing it. I’m good! Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Phobias”

  1. What a weird coincidence, I’m reading a book on Cognitive Therapy atm, and last night I started reading the chapter on phobias. I haven’t reached the part which explains the how’s and why’s of phobias.

    Fear of clowns is fairly common, and considering how often clowns are depicted in fiction as creepy, angry beneath the big painted on smile, and often murderous, it is rather logical to fear them.

    Interesting post 🙂