Balancing Act-Sometimes Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I went out last night. Yup! This introvert decided that it is time to start making this a regular part of my life. I had a great time with some great friends and naturally some great music!

It’s important to break from routine from time to time. To just let your hair down and have a good time. (Pep talk to myself)

I am a homebody. I work and I go home. I have little adventures from time to time. But I do not go out with any regularity. That’s going to change. It’s time that I have more fun. (More fun? Be honest….start having fun. The use of the word more; indicates that I have a life!)

Today’s theme is balance. I bet you thought I was gonna say fun, right? Nope! Balance! It’s important to rest when you need. To withdrawal from the world. It’s equally important to get out and cut loose.

Have a blessed day!

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