Reasons why you should Take a Self-Defense Class

Several years ago, my sister, my daughter and I all took a self-defense class together. Our class was run by a Sergeant on our local police force. It was a great experience. One that left me feeling empowered.

We learned several different techniques in combatting an assailant. We put these techniques to use when put into scenarios with our instructor.

It didn’t matter that it was our instructor. It felt very real in that moment. When someone comes up from behind and grabs ahold of you, that fight or flight response immediately kicks in.

Our instructor created scenarios for every individual. So whatever your concerns were, he brought that to life. Mine was being approached while out for a walk.

The class didn’t just teach techniques for fighting back. It taught us to listen to our gut. To stand up and say what we feel in those moments. It may not always be an assault but someone harassing you to test what you will do.

One thing that our instructor said that still resonates with me is the following, “a lot of women get a feeling before something bad happens. But they still put themselves in a bad situation because they worry about being perceived as a bitch.” He’s right.

When it was my time to face off with our instructor, I remember my heart racing. He grabbed me from behind. Wrapped his arms around me. I knew from his training that it was better to face the assailant head on. I remembered a technique he taught us. Grab that pinky finger and pull it out sideways. He immediately let go and I was able to turn and face him head on. My heart was beating a million beats a minute or so it seemed. Then he came at me. I started kicking and hitting and didn’t stop until he hit the ground. It was an amazing feeling!! I took a man that is much taller than me down!! I wanted to do it again but everyone hadn’t had their turn yet. Damn it!

Every person should be able to defend their self. I encourage you to check out the local classes available in your communities. It’s an empowering experience and one I would not hesitate to do again.

18 thoughts on “Reasons why you should Take a Self-Defense Class”

  1. I hate to be the wet blanket here, BUT… I have almost 20 years of martial arts training, and I went for realistic styles, not sport karate. Self defense classes are great. EVERY woman should have them. The most important thing you can get from a short class though is that situational awareness; learning to pay attention to your environment and intuition. Avoiding trouble in the first place is what will truly save your life. Not looking like a victim is the second most important thing. Stand straight and tall, display confidence, show you’re aware of the area. Predators look for the weak mousy girl hunched over and looking nervous as she walks.

    I cringe though when I hear women say they feel confident fighting against a larger man though. Yes, it CAN be done, BUT it requires in-depth training. Good body mechanics so you know how to put legitimate power behind your punches and kicks, training on where to hit (eyes, throat, groin and knees, ladies), how to block and dodge attacks (which requires regular practice), and when to cut and run.

    The reality is if you’re 5′ 3″ and 103 lbs like my high school BFF, and you swing at a 2oo lb 6′ plus male, you’re most likely just going to just piss him off. So, IF you go to a self defense class and the instructor just lets you slap fight him to the ground and pretends he’s subdued, he did you a disservice. THAT will likely get rid of the random pervo, but not a hard core criminal.

      1. Not hardly. Most concise way I can put it; there’s a reason they separate professional fighters into weight classes.

        I still consider any form of self defense classes vital, but to make the most of a tool, you need to know it’s limitations. 🙂

      2. I like to think of myself somewhere between Always on, Slightly off and Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined…

      1. That is absolutely true, but it is definitely possible for a smaller woman to overcome a man’s size and strength, with the right training and techniques. That is one thing I’ve learned from my wife. But it does take lots and lots of hard training.

  2. Very good advice! My wife is a martial arts and self defense instructor – and since I met her I really have realised what a big difference these kind of classes can make and also how effective certain kinds of techniques can be as a way to defend against a taller and stronger attacker.

  3. Such a great post. I am a social worker and our agency is actually paying for us to take self defense classes. I’m also prior service and did combatives on the regular.. I am an advocate for self-defense! My kiddos were all in Tae Kwon Do for two and half years. I had hoped for them to go all the way to black belt but they wanted to pursue “other” interests. Luckily, they have a good foundation. Great post!

      1. Thank you for your support. And, yes, I agree, not everyone gets to have an agency that will pay for self-defense classes! They definitely are a must!

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