Fibromyalgia, Exercise and Goals

I will never have the body I had in my youth. I do not care to. When I exercise, I do so to keep my muscles strong. To keep moving and maintain a certain weight. I have my physical issues. Two fusions, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, migraines.

Certain exercises are a no go for me. They do not help, they cause more pain. When I first began exercising regularly was after battling thyroid cancer. At my heaviest, my pain level was off the chart constantly. The pressure on my lower back was a major concern for me. I felt like if I didn’t do something, I would be in a wheelchair in a matter of years. I decided to start walking.

Well it didn’t go as great as I hoped it would. I got five minutes from my house and was in agony. I seriously did not know if I would be able to get myself back home. I had not taken into consideration how much my muscles had atrophied while going through cancer. I realized that I needed to join a gym where I could use a treadmill as walking on concrete was too much for my body at the start.

Here’s my story:

Am I a small girl? No. I don’t feel the need to be either. I’m happy with who I am. It took a lot of hard work, tears, cortisone injections and ice packs. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009. I began gaining weight rapidly. It didn’t matter what I ate or didn’t eat. This was the heaviest I’d ever been. After removal of my thyroid I thought that once they got me on the right dose of hormone, the weight would come off. Um, no. I forced myself to start exercising. I was working pretty hard and the weight still did not come off. I had to change my way of eating. I’m Italian, I love food. It was not easy. It took about a year but I lost over 80 pounds. I still have to do what I call regular maintenance. It will always be a battle. But I know that and know what to do. Again, I’m not a small girl and not a hard body. I’m okay with that. I fought hard to become who I am. I’m comfortable in my own skin at last.

The point-when you begin exercising, remember your reasons for being there. DO NOT look at what others are doing. DO NOT compare yourself to anyone…ever! Do you! Do what you need for you. Remember you are unique. You are a warrior. For you to have to endure the pain that you do, yes you are a warrior! Your strength lies in your tenacity. You kick ass!

Many blessings!

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