No Sugar for You

It’s time to start cutting calories again. I have to do regular “maintenance” seeing that I have no thyroid. So, I’m enjoying some sugary goodness tonight. Come tomorrow, no sugar! And no sugar for a while. Yes, yes, I know. It’s gonna be absolute hell!

I will admit, it’s a weakness. But I also know if I stay away from it then the cravings go away. (As does some of the extra sand in my hourglass)

So, no sugar and no wine….that only leaves one indulgence. Shoes!! 👠👢👡 I can work with that!

But I am gonna be one grumpy gal for the next few days. Beware!

It would be nice to have a metabolism. To not have to worry about this. But that’s not my reality.

The worst part is I have several friends whose kids sell girl-scout cookies. Yup! They are gonna be in this week. Guess who’s giving her cookies away? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Oh the humanity!

7 thoughts on “No Sugar for You”

    1. Are you on a steroid? Cause I recently had to take steroids and they do that to me, that’s why I am doing “maintenance”. Lol! If I give up sugar I do pretty good. I’m not usually too hungry. It curbs the cravings.

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