Sad Songs

I was not really sure what to write about for Monday. I have had so much going on and going wrong lately that my thoughts are kinda pfft!

Then I was scrolling Facebook when a music video came on. Evanescence’s song- My Immortal. Such a dark haunting song yet so beautiful. This started the wheels turning.

I love my music as everyone that follows me by now knows. I love all kinds of music. I will admit that Country is probably my least favorite genre, but it still has some great songs to offer. If you saw my iTunes, I think you’d be surprised at all the different genres of music that I have. I have classical, country, pop, rock, I got it all! From Barry Manilow to Saliva. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The topic of this particular post is sad songs. What is it about these types of songs? They are not “pick me uppers” by any means. Far from it. I have my moods and my music playlist follows those moods accordingly. If I am very pissed off, I am not doing any Manilow. You can guarantee it will be something loud and rockin’! When I am giddy, I will likely have music going that I can dance to. But then there are times, when I need to embrace my darker emotions. My sadness. It is in those times, I reach for my sad songs.

Some might say that this is adding fuel to the fire. In a way it is. But hear me out on this, maybe that is what is needed in those moments. To pour gasoline on the dark cloud and to let it burn. To feel everything fully. To let tears flow and get that shit out! The best thing one can do when feeling sadness is to allow yourself to feel it.

Too often we hide our pain. I am very good at this. The more I joke the more I am avoiding feeling something. It’s who I am and how I cope mostly. But you cannot do that all of the time. You cannot always put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine. You gotta let yourself feel whatever it is you are feeling. It’s okay to not smile all of the time. Feel it, get it out and then get on with it. That’s what sad songs do for me. Music is therapy!

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      1. I believe thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m going to start doing when someone at work turns on country… Iโ€™m gonna dump a bag of Quickcrete on the radio…

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