Time Travel

One of my favorite series as a young adult was Quantum Leap. The series ran from 1989-1993. That was not long enough for me! The three main characters were Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula), Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell) and Ziggy (Deborah Pratt).

The show was about a former scientist (Sam) that finds himself trapped traveling through time, due to an experiment that went awry. Each episode, Sam would find himself inhabiting someone’s body. He had to figure out why he was sent into this person’s body and prevent some event from happening. Basically change history. Al was his holographic adviser. He was there to assist Sam with his task at hand and provide him with statistics of probability of changing things based on Sam’s actions up to that point. Are you still with me? Okay! Good! Now for Ziggy. Stay with me here. Ziggy was a self-aware AI that runs “Project Leap”. Ziggy is the one feeding statistics to Al to forward to Sam. Whew!

It sounds far more complicated than how the show actually presented it. But how about that premise? Time travel and the righting of wrongs. Good stuff huh?

I have always been fascinated with movies that involve time travel. I don’t pretend to be smart enough to understand the scientific theories behind time travel. You can draw me a chart and I will just sit staring at you like Forrest Gump staring at Jenny naked for the first time.

Wormholes, cosmic string, Tipler Cylinder….

No, I don’t understand how scientists reach their theories or should I say hypotheses on time travel. I just know that I find it fascinating. I must not be the only one. There’s a bevy of movies out there involving time travel.

Is time travel possible? I don’t know. I leave you with this-



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