Why? A child’s favorite question. It does not matter how detailed your answer may be. You will likely be hit with another why. Children are in the process of discovery. So, it makes sense that why, is the most frequently asked question.

As adults I think this holds true as well. The difference is we seek our answer/s from God. Why do bad things happen? Why did this happen?

As parents we are able to somewhat satisfy our kid/s question of why. As adults, the answers seem to be unattainable. We have to hold onto our faith. We may not get the answers we want while on this plane of existence. Everything happens for a reason. This does not make anything hurt any less and it is little comfort with loss of any kind.

We are human. We have to go through the motions. Plus it is our nature to seek out answers. One day everything will be revealed. All questions will be answered. But until we make our journey to the other side, we will suffer losses and we will continue to ask why.

4 thoughts on “Why?”

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