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2. List and picture at least seven of your favorite things.

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4. List the rules.

Here are my favorite things…

1. My daughter. My heart. I had her at a young age. She arrived into the world two months prematurely. The first six weeks of her life were spent in the special care nursery. She’s a fighter too. Oh and she’s hilarious! I adore her.

2. Family and friends-I am blessed to have them. Every single one of them.

3. My pooches – Princess Jasmine and Prince Tug. My fuzzy four legged babies.

4. Walking trails-walking is great. But walking trails in wooded areas is the best! Mud therapy!!

5. Movies-I do enjoy a variety of genres. I cannot pick just one favorite. Movies are a great escape. I watch far more movies than I do tv shows. It’s a bonding ritual for my daughter and I. After my accident, we couldn’t just pick up and run like before. While I was recovering from procedures or surgeries, we could bond watching movies together. It was our special time. Still is.

6. Music!! C’mon! You know this!

7. Historical sites-I love love love history. Here’s some of my own pics from some places I have visited:

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