Girls’ Day Out

The temperature actually got up in the 50s today. The sun was shining and we have been itching to get out and enjoy Mother Nature for the longest time! Go away Winter!

After our walk, we picked up my Dad and had a wonderful lunch. Then we proceeded to a local antique mall. I do not like wandering around too much at stores. I’m a “get in and get out” type of gal. The exception; antique malls. I love to just wander around. To take my time, and find all sorts of things that I wish to take home with me.

Today I saw a tea setting that was very hard to walk away from. But I did. Though I admit, I am still thinking about going back and getting it. 😂

Then there’s all of the old books. This is where I spent most of my time. There were so many about the Civil War. I cannot explain why I get excited by these old books but I do. I stood there for the longest time just thumbing through book after book.

Again, more items that would not be coming home with me. I admit, I’m still considering going back and getting a couple of those Civil War books. 😂

Though I came home empty handed, I came home with my heart full. Time with my daughter, time with my Dad, time with Mother Nature and time antiquing. It was a great day. My cup runneth over.

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