The Health Benefits of Magnesium

I have posted before on the benefits of Epsom salt. I have little rituals that I do to help me with my pain. One being, soaking in an Epsom salt bath. At my last appointment with my pain doctor, the nurse practitioner and I spoke for a bit about Epsom salt baths. She once worked in physical therapy and she told me it was one thing she always recommended to patients suffering from pain. Let me just say this, woo hoo! Finding people these days in the health care industry that are proponents of natural methods for pain relief is a blessing!

I do want to say this-before you add any mineral or vitamins into your body by any method, please speak to your doctor first. People with renal failure must use caution when using Epsom salt. Again, always speak to your doctor before adding any natural supplement into your body.

So what is it about Epsom salt that helps with pain? Let’s talk about Magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that supports hundreds of chemical reactions in your body.

  • Energy: Assists in converting food into energy.
  • Protein: Assists in creating new proteins from amino acids.
  • Genes: Assists in creating and repairing DNA and RNA.
  • Muscle movements: Is an essential part of contraction and relaxation of muscles.
  • Nervous system:  Regulates neurotransmitters, that are responsible for sending messages throughout your nervous system including your brain.

If that weren’t enough! It can help stabilize blood sugar, improve mood and help with depression, improve blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties. Picture is starting to come together, right?  A lot of pain issues in the body are due to swelling. So it only makes sense that magnesium is a plus for people suffering chronic pain.

So, what does that have to do with Epsom salt baths? I’ll tell you. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epsom salt is rich in magnesium. Your body will soak that beautiful mineral in through your skin. You will get a nice dose of magnesium when soaking in an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt comes in many varieties these days as well. It comes in liquid and crystal form. You can get it with Lavender, Coconut Oil, you name it!

There are other ways to add magnesium to your body. There are a lot of foods rich in magnesium. I have included a web page for you to view if you are interested in learning more about magnesium rich foods.

In closing let me say this. I swear by Epsom salt baths. I take 3-6 of them a week. I know what it is like to go days on end in severe pain. I do not wish that on anyone. If I believe that anything I have learned over the years can help someone, then I will share it! Many blessings!!!!

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      1. Wonderful!!! What if you look at my previous posts it breaks down the cost if you’d buy all 8 ingredients separately so it a huge cost savings buying this product!!!! I’m thrilled with it.

      2. I saw the ingredients and most definitely would save money. I am kinda a nerd. I read medical books and articles more than I read anything. Lol! Once I get these bills squared away, will be in contact!!