Reality is Far Scarier than any Horror Movie

I love my scary movies. Though I admit there are some that I never watch alone and some that watching once, was more than enough.

I don’t want to see all that gore. I just like the thrill of a well written and well directed scary movie.

Unfortunately, the newer horror movies have far more gore than the horror movies I grew up watching. You never know until you watch them, what you will see. That’s probably why I lean more towards thrillers these days. They seem more like horror movies of old.

Frankenstein, the wolf-man, mummies, witches, Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees and on and on. They are fictional characters. Are they scary? Yes! They most definitely are, however reality is far scarier. What some people are capable of is far more frightening and disturbing than any horror movie out there.

I worked for a short time at the local Prosecutor’s Office. Some of the things I saw there kept me up at night. To know that there are such people running around is beyond disturbing.

Yes, reality is far scarier than any movie ever could be.

6 thoughts on “Reality is Far Scarier than any Horror Movie”

  1. I can’t watch anything scary. I was scared when Nemo’s father Marlin and Dorrie were confronted by Bruce the shark – literally my heart was pounding. It was only because I told myself that if Nemo’s father was eaten so early on in the movie then there wouldn’t be any point of another 70 minutes of animation would there?

  2. I used to hate gore, but the mafia movies numbed me to it. I loved the Sopranos and Breaking Bad, so by the time Game of Thrones came around I was fine. I still don’t like monsters and zombies much as the whole point of a movie though.

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